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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sundays at Zamzama!

It's always been considered normal to connect the word 'Sunday' to 'Relax, Sleep, Waste Away..'. Not down here, things aren't like that!

Having tried to cook breakfast the day before.. and having failed rather miserably at the parathas (readymade parathas, mind you!) - sigh.. - I decided not to be a quitter today!

So, I dared to venture into making breakfast for everyone again. This time it would be something not as desi or as complicated: Pancakes! (With readymade pancake mix of course! - Hey It's still not easy!). Needless to say, the courage paid off and the pancakes were mindblowing.

Mom would be proud! =D

Anyway, equipped with the resultant motivation, the men of the house decided to be put things in order. Next step was to be gardening. Those poor plants on the roof had been dying and that was unacceptable so my friends and I decided to take some action with our bare hands!

This was followed by a quick trip to a new Cafe that had been started by the Chairman of our National Board of Advisors. After having some great goodies and a productive discussion on MC Structure for 07/08, we got to sit with him and make calls to random CEOs on a Sunday evening. Need I mention, we had limited success, but hey, this man is absolutely awesome!

The day ended with a now cleaner and greener rooftop, sheesha, Karachi Broast, Pakola, and a very exciting AI 07/08 Candidate's Booklet! And of course, a Happy Birthday call to Tori!

Life never gets dull in Zamzama!


  • Emad, none of the pictures are showing up! Anyway, I took a picture of those pancakes too..I will send it to your to-be wife, years from now, when I know you will pretend that cooking was a skill you never learnt..

    By Blogger saba, At 27/11/06 02:43  

  • AI 07/08 or MC 07/08 ?
    freudian slip ?:)

    By Blogger chitgo, At 27/11/06 09:21  

  • Yes, a very nice Sunday indeed!! And we had so many people over for breakfast :) That should happen more often! ;)

    By Blogger Joanna, At 27/11/06 11:28  

  • you look so concentrated in that pic while ure cooking!!! :))
    now i could find that really sweet, but actually i'm still not quite over the fact that u've been hiding ur cooking-, gardening- and houseman-skills in general during the entire 2 months that i lived with you..

    By Anonymous Pascale, At 28/11/06 19:00  

  • Pancake mix is for wimps! Nevertheless, I'm coming over for breakfast when I'm in Karachi - I'll even bring Pakola *shudder*!

    By Blogger nida, At 29/11/06 02:52  

  • I completely respect your decision to grow stuff on your roof. I come from a culture of 'non roof dwellers' and have quickly realised that a flattened roof provides awesome mega space for thought and chilledness.

    By Blogger Westy, At 29/11/06 03:04  

  • I want to touch you.
    - Bombay Baker

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3/12/06 00:58  

  • I can vouch for the pancakes, they are scrumpcious :D

    @pascale: this little man has many secrets...beware ;) hahah

    By Blogger ~oMaRoOnIE~, At 8/12/06 02:10  

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