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Friday, November 24, 2006

Was able to go to a quality Standup Comedy show today! Really impressed with the level of work there. These guys were FUNNY!

Just had a very thought-provoking conversation with Karim - Intern from Bangladesh - around religion. So much learning around some key issues as well as his point of view on it. The thought-provoking bit was actually realizing how lucky one is to be living in a house with such diversity in culture and in perspective. No other environment would have been able to achieve this! Wouldn't give it up for the world!

It was only day before we had a 'house meeting' and formulated a set of 'house rules'. This is such a unique cultural experience if you're from the Subcontinent since you're used to informal traditions that govern your life at home and not a set list of do's, don't, responsibles, schedules..

In other news, work-wise, am cooking up something REAL huge I'm REALLY excited about! Will disclose with a big bang very soon! :D


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