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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Elite - A Whole New Meaning

A number of interesting things are happening in today's world.. that give the word 'Elite' a whole new meaning..

- Someone from Dubai has bought Madame Tussaud's (The famous chain of wax museums)
- Someone else from Dubai is buying the Liverpool Football Club for 450 million british pounds
- A Saudi Prince has become the single biggest individual investor in the US
- An Israeli Internet Casino Operator offers Palestinian PM $1 bn to start peace talks with Israel
- According to BBC.co.uk, the top 2% of the world's richest now own 50% of all household wealth in the world

So what does that make me think.. Do I want to do something about this increasing inequality? Or.. Do I want to figure out a way to get into that 2%?

In another part of the world, a gorgeous friend of mine is having her friend deliver two essentials from Switzerland: Chocolates (Duh!) and Toothpaste! ... That's right.. Toothpaste! Apparently, it isn't to prevent the resultant cavities from the chocolates (as would be my ONLY logical explanation to this rather absurd act), but because Swiss Toothpaste is the best in the world, and she always travels with the same brand wherever she is! Wow! I know what I'm gonna buy my best friend when I go to Switzerland - It shall be the very best! :)

For those of you who found my last post a little exaggerated, I thought I'll add some photographic evidence of an unprepared-for-rain Karachi for you!


  • hahaha so THAT's the picture!!

    By Blogger ~oMaRoOnIE~, At 8/12/06 02:08  

  • *gasp*

    Why did I focus on the chocolate and not bring home toothpaste!?!?

    Now my whole EuroTrip was a waste... =(

    By Blogger Tiffany, At 8/12/06 02:19  

  • Swiss Toothpaste Is the Best! Really.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8/12/06 14:54  

  • to stop the flood of mails i've ben getting since the release of this post: YES, swiss toothpaste is the best. =) in particular one called "elmex". (and to defend myself; u gotta have at least some constant factors in your life..right?? =))

    and by the way; u're really getting in to that whole blogging-thing, eh? =)

    By Anonymous the "gorgeous swiss friend", At 9/12/06 18:15  

  • Who is this mysterious gorgeous Swiss friend? :-D And yes, Elmex (green, not red) is the best toothpaste, hehe ;-)

    By Blogger Carissa )i(, At 11/12/06 03:54  

  • Dude..!!!
    Found your blog through Carissa's... :)

    Will be reading more.. ;)

    with smile,

    ps: we have the same blog design :p

    By Blogger ali, At 18/12/06 05:51  

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