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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Deviant Thoughts

This post is inspired by the word "Incognito".

Last night, there was a pretty kick-ass barbeque thing we did on 'The Roof' with the purpose of taking a break from everyday stuff (and people!) and enjoying some good food in the good weather. Now for those of my friends that haven't met 'The Roof', Oh Dear Lord, are you missing the best part of my 'Mansion'. No, I am not delusional. It's the good life!

It's funny I'm making this post when I hinted in my last one that there won't be many regular posts for a bit. It actually stems from a conversation that I had with a friend today, who asked me why I finally got me a blog. As soon as I told him that it was to keep my friends up to speed with the stuff that was going on with me, I realized that when you update your buds you don't just tell them what's going on with your life, but also what the hell's been playin in your mind.

Of course, due to the very nature of blogs being treated like disgusting online emotional diaries, this post isn't going to be quite an 'insight' into the deep dark secrets of Emad's mind! (Do I hear someone going 'Damn it'!. Did I just address myself in third person?! Damn it!).

There's a lotta stuff going on nowadays, and I find myself regularly switching between work - the conferences coming up, the followups to be done, the meetings to be had, the international relations - and personal next steps. Moreover, I've also been thinking about how, while I haven't been in touch with most of my friends as well as I woulda liked, they're too cool to have real issues. Yes, they do bitch to me about it, but hey, wouldn't I!

Have also been gettin to know some super-cool new people! People who share my love for desi food and of Marbles for dessert, people that think it IS cool for me to join the airforce, people who take heartbreak REALLY well, people that love to babysit, and some others.

But yea, surely looking to get life's balance back, since I got a disproportionately larger number of 'professional' birthday calls than 'personal' ones! Woah! There were a couple of important people that DID forget my birthday, though. I shall now use this to name and shame! haha! Jus kiddin! But for those of them that STILL dun remember, it was on the 7th. Got a really cool surprise from some of my friends here, as well as my first bunch of flowers!

Speaking of flowers... And People... there are other things that get some kind of thought processing time. These things usually have funny english accents, hate roses, and are proud owners of shoe collections to match the one you see here! (This is actually from one shopping spree! Bah!)

Anyhow, interesting times to be a neuron in my head . A very happy V'day to loadsa people who are luckier than me!


  • Incognito, eh? :) well that was an interesting and deep insight in emad's life.. a bit confusing but i guess thats the point of it..?!

    but at least u kept the promise u made in ur last post.. sexy post.. with the sexiest picture EVER :P

    By Blogger Pascale, At 12/2/07 16:31  

  • I just thought randomly to go through your blog after finishing up some stupid office work :).
    Damn it, yeah, I too would love you to share somethings which are been cooking up in your life and head (if you want to share with me). Are you seriously thingking of joining Air Force ? Can I ask which one, Pakistani, UAE or India :P? I always wanted to join it....sigh !

    By Blogger sharmin, At 12/2/07 17:38  

  • MY GOD!!! What kinda person buys all those shoes in one shopping spree. I bet it was Pascale, that girl just went crazy :P

    @Chachi: hahah there a weight and height limit for the Air force, do YOU really think that our MCP will be able to look beyond the canopy? :P

    By Blogger Augie, At 12/2/07 20:18  

  • God, I so much miss that kind of life, being so, so, busy everytime, having conferences to prepare, people to meet, God, corporate life really sucks (sorry for this word, but ... I can not express it else). If everyhting goes right, I shall return to that life, I will be happier than ever, and hopefully wiser as I know now both sides, uh, thank you for these thoughts Emad and all.

    same aura here

    By Blogger Aura, At 13/2/07 14:21  

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