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Saturday, March 17, 2007

BitterSweet Symphony (Episode 1)

Normally, I consciously refrain from making such posts for several reasons that will become self-explanatory as you read on... But today was one of those days when you just don't care anymore. In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't have been typing this had I decided to sleep over the events of the last 15 hours, instead.

The events of the day are not in chronological order. Bear with me.

Most important event of the day: My close friend Saba got onto the National committee of AIESEC Jordan. It's a huge deal to me professionally and personally.

Second most important event of the day: I am not going to India.
Allow me to give everyone a fairly simplistic account of the dynamics of this radical decision! The summary is that a combination of bad luck and incompetent diplomats when coupled with a volatile political situation, is sureshot recipy to failure.

Step 1: The Application and the 1st Drop Off
So all of this started when I was unable to apply for a visa at the same time as my delegation for that conference since I was in Egypt. When I returned, I realized I had access to cooler invites (Since I was Faci), cooler endorsements (since I had more contacts), and a cooler case in general (since I had 3 previous Indian visas) should be enough to do the job. Alas, I was right. However, the person that dropped my passport was told that all other things withstanding, I was to now file for a case for a conference visa rather than a business visa! Various people got involved at this point, since the initial person was only available on that date.

Step 2: The Random Holiday
The next day the Indian High Commission decided to take a random holiday. Since it was followed by the weekend, I was now tied in a tight spot. Booked my ticket nevertheless. Made huge partying plans with Akshay for after conference.

Step 3: The Application and the 2nd Drop Off
Another friend of mine dropped the passport on monday and even sat persistently with the visa officer for 2 hours in pursuit of ensuring I was good to go. The guy bought the case put forward, but still instructed my friend to pick it up the next day.

Step 4: The Pick Up and the Politics Kick In
Now, my friend had to leave cities that evening so I spent 3.5 hours trying to find someone who'd be able to help. I did. The entire morning was wasted in confusion of the pickup of the receipt for the passport from my earlier friend's house. In the mean time, Mr President has decided to shoot himself in the foot by firing the Chief Justice of the Supreme court of Pakistan. The same day lawyers decided to create massive protests outside the Supreme Court. Police decided to not take the bricks thrown at them for too long, and retaliated with Batons. Somehow, though, the guy managed to pick up the passport and dispatched it to me that night! Kudos.

Step 5: The Incompetent Diplomats
I confirm my flight for the next day, only to receive my passport with a notification that I can only travel to Bombay. The conference is in Hyderabad. I panic and start exploring my options, involving covertly smuggling myself to Hyderabad and Back! AIESEC International thinks it's too large a risk, so that's out. I rescheduly my flight and look for other options.

Step 6: The Insane of Panic, No Friends and the 3rd Drop Off
I decide to call up all my friends in an effort to find one that knows anyone going to Islamabad and can take my passport. Failure. I courier it. Passport is carried by a friend of mine to the embassy. He's told the process is fairly simple, but the visa needs to be signed by a certain person that would be available later that day.

Step 7: The Politics Rev Up and the 4th Drop Off
'Later that day', though, was a terrible time. Lawyers were back outside the Supreme Court. Now the luckiest part is that there's this gorgeous road in Islamabad called the Constitutional Avenue. It's got marvellous buildings such as the National Assembly, the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court. Guess what else happens to be at the end of the road: The Diplomatic Enclave. Home of the Indian High Commission! So constitutional avenue gets closed off, leaving my passport carrier stranded and of course leaving me the same! There's still hope in the day to come (That's today).

Step 8: The Politics Swerve Out of Control
My brave and gallant rider decides to get there early morning, but rest assured, the road is sealed. Police use tear gas and rubber bullets (that's NEVER happened in Islamabad!). All my hopes disappear. I speak to a very disappointed Ryan (from AIESEC International) and break the terrible news to him.

Feel pretty awfully guilty about putting the rest of the faci team, Ryan and the conference in general in this situation. Wish them the best of luck for the conference.. But it would have been a great experience! Sigh.. Thank you Mr President. Thank you Law Community. And Thank you Supreme Court Bar Council. Thank you for playing YOUR part in preventing me from doing MY part in changing the world.

Next Up: Day on a Karachi Port..


  • sigh...

    when i was planning to go to expro in macedonia i had to get 4 visas in one day. IN POLAND. got 3 (and thats me being ukrainian!). czechs fucked up the 4th one. did not go.

    what can i tell ya, man?..

    By Blogger Oksana, At 17/3/07 14:38  

  • Hey Emad,

    I can very well understand your situation.

    Getting an Indian / Pakistani visa has nothing to do with the best contacts, luck...and all that crap. Its just that the filthy politicians play their role.

    I know, you must be feeling really really sad about the whole episode. But, I would suggest that you take this one as a learning lesson and make sure that no one else goes through the phase that you had been into.

    This fight would do a lot good to the people on both sides of the border.

    Be cool !!!

    By Blogger sharmin, At 17/3/07 18:21  

  • heya,

    feeling for you man. This sucks. All I can say is that you tell a good tale. Pity it had to be about this. Hope things are all going well over in Pakistan.


    By Blogger Westy, At 17/3/07 23:50  

  • HI Emad,

    looking forward to reading part 2.
    I feel for you! hopefully we can manage to meet up at msn, skype or smtg, want to talk to you abt some stuff! and i have some cool pics of you too, check my blog (ipm picarta album) hugs!

    By Blogger Jorien, At 18/3/07 01:49  

  • *hug*

    How much they dont understand what they are doing!!...
    and i advertised you as a legend to my delegates!!

    aaaaaaaaah...frustrating, but something better gotta happen to you during this time in pakistan,i swear, it should!

    By Blogger Nadiyka, At 18/3/07 20:06  

  • Oh no. Visas always cause unnecessary stress

    By Blogger Erica Cleofe, At 18/3/07 21:22  

  • Thanks fellas! You guys makin my day! Luv ya peepz!

    By Blogger eMad, At 19/3/07 00:19  

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