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Thursday, March 22, 2007

BitterSweet Symphony (Episode 2)

When I first envisioned writing this post, it was going to be more bitter than sweet. I wanted to discuss the ridiculous place that the Karachi Port is. I wanted to talk about the amount of corruption at that place, where everyone from the person that opens the door for you, to the person that finally clears your shipment will refuse to do your work, unless there is a handsome renumeration. It was the 3 most insane days that I have had to spend in Karachi!

I also wanted to discuss what's next.. I feel like I've thought about it enough and any factors that change that now will be external. And yes, there are external factors!

Adding to the bitterness is also this feeling of having let down my facilitators team for the conference I was supposed to attend in India. And the guilt of not being able to meet one of my bestest friends Akshay in his homecity having promised him I would..

But All that is insignificant right now. I've always told people that the MOST important thing in the World to me, without exception, are my closest friends! I love these guys so much I'd do anything for em. In return, these are the same people I know would do the same for me. Today, I feel genuine, pure happiness! Normally this level of ecstacy is only reached when I achieve something big. But today, for the first time ever, I feel really really happy because some other people have achieved something. I know a number of them want to be hush hush about this, but dudes you can go to hell!

This is what I'm ecstatic about, just hours before my Cadbury Schweppes interview!

Adeel - University of Warwick
Dude, England Scene On!!

Madiha - Carnegie Mellon University

Oh My God! Lady, You're going places! :)

Kirmani - Columbia University

The Dearest one! Kirmani, You My Friend, deserve it more than anything! That US Roadtrip is SO On!

Mehran - Yale University

Mehran bloody Gul! Yale. No more Words.


Salma - University of Chicago

My lil best friend. It could NOT have gotten better! No more whining out of you! I'll see you on the road to success (hopefully, in my rearview mirror! ;) ). I told you you're more impressive that you think you are! (and you DO think you are!)

So Ladies and gentlemen, here's the plan from here... I am going to organize the best party you guys have EVER been to for this! If I'm here in Summer, I'm also going to organize a nice weekend away for us!

You guys ROCK!!!! It's now truly bittersweet. Super sweet that you guys doin this. Yet kinda bitter that you'd be leavin.. Bitter that you've one-up'd me.. Sweet that its only for now! ;)

Yeh Cheese!

And goodluck to everyone who hasn't heard yet!

LUMS Grads Taking over The World of Academia!


  • yeh cheese! indeed.

    My office ppl thot i had gone mad when i heard about aatir's UP deal. i was shouting out loud, jumping up and down and my face was turning all pink! =p

    really happy for you guys. keep rocking!

    By Anonymous saad, At 22/3/07 14:06  

  • Yeeeey, Pakistan is migrating to US or what??

    By Blogger Nadiyka, At 23/3/07 09:58  

  • emad...you're an awesome friend to have :).best of luck for your next steps mate.

    By Blogger chitgo, At 23/3/07 10:24  

  • Wow. This is truly inspirational! And never knew you were such a softie! :p

    By Blogger Sohaib, At 5/4/07 01:49  

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