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Friday, March 16, 2007

Updates. Oh Yes!

A lot of have been telling me that you get continuously annoyed at the fact that I have periods of insane silence when it comes to updating this space. Okay.

Anyway, so some brief updates from my life right now.

  • I just finished with my 3rd back to back conference (NLC, IPM, NPM) and have completely lost my voice
  • Am due to leave to India as of yesterday, but the V-guys were obviously expected to create major V-issues. After delaying my V quite a lot, they issued me a V that did not allow me to go to Hyderabad. Well, that would have been fine. I mean how much would I miss on that one city. I'll tell you how much! The conference I am supposed to facilitate at is in Hyderabad! Hoping to fly Sat morning.
  • Meeting Akshay in Bbay. Super excited for that to finally happy. If only that V comes through..
  • AIESEC International applications for some positions came out today. Encouraging a close friend to apply! "1st June 2007, gal!" :)
  • Helping create a 'lil bit of controversy' in many areas. ;)

The overall transformation in this period, though, is quite significant for me. It must have been the experience in Cairo (I'm talking about the conference and the selection panel; NOT the fact that I was involved in my friend Salman getting evicted with the crazy partying that took place at his place!; NOT the pyramids either).

More on that in times to come. (Including Pics from Egypt! - Pwomish!)

Thought of the week: How would my life really be like if I were to live in Karachi and not be doing AIESEC?


  • Well, you aren't that hopeless of a blogger at the very end!!! :)

    Love from Amman
    same old..

    By Blogger Oksana, At 16/3/07 16:43  

  • Don't know about your life, but I think you've turned into quite a Karachiite already (haha, another one bites the dust! :P)

    By Blogger saba, At 16/3/07 17:44  

  • Oh man don't you start with that thought! It has been killing me...although obviously not referring to Karachi...although that is also a thought...but so a "friend" of yours is thinking of applying huh? and how about you my dear?! haha can you imagine how much fun the V guys would have then?

    By Blogger Aine, At 16/3/07 19:12  

  • Hahaha, Emad sweetie, it was great to see you again!! :-D Hope life is good back in Pakistan. See you again soon ;-) And btw: I want the goss' on that party, Mustafa told me about it...man, getting evicted because of a bunch of partying MCP's ... that's something! :-D

    Hugs to you

    By Blogger Carissa )i(, At 16/3/07 20:05  

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