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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1 Year in Karachi

So, one year from today, I set foot on the Cantt Station in Karachi, with Tori, to be greeted by a bunch of super enthusiastic AIESECers that tried to play a failed prank on me - And then they merely settled for stamping my hands with the 'AIESEC stamp'! :)

The year's been quite crazy, indeed.

From the most insane fun times at the Mansion that I reside it to those times where there's been too much work to even take a food break! Fought randomly with so many people .. and then Got to make friends with all of them. Figured out some direction in life and got the skills and motivation to pursue it. 2 Eids that I worked on, a christmas party to kill for! Meeting some of the most special people in the world. Whining about being away from close buds and real glad to have others to keep me sane! From hatin' the city to defending it in khi-lhr arguments! (yes, its true). Living with people from 10 countries and having many more randomly staying over. Trying to get my car from Lahore all year. Getting on my first bus ride in Pakistan! Cursing the electrical flux, mosquitoes, too little water, too much water, too cold a weather, too hot a weather, running out of sugar at home and grumpy rickshaw drivers. Loving the Zainab market, learning to cook a little, trying to learn to use a Mac a little, the breeze, the freedom, the cafes, the sheesha on the roof, random TV shoots .. And finding the love of my life: Pakola.

The year's been quite crazy, indeed. And I know when I pick up all my bags and walk off soon, I'll have been a very changed person from the one that landed on Cantt Station on the 10th of April 2006, indeed.

Some Random Memories -


  • bros, i am still waiting for some pictures from Udaipur :(

    By Blogger eXPerience called L!FE, At 11/4/07 23:21  

  • Clarification #1: It was not a failed prank. The look on your face when you were grabbed at the station was priceless.

    Clarification #2: Those super enthusiastic AIESECers lost their enthusiasm when they had to carry your 'bags' up four flights of stairs.

    Its been an interesting year, indeed.

    By Blogger saba, At 12/4/07 02:59  

  • So, you finally confessed....It's Pakola...

    Damn :P

    By Blogger Oksana, At 12/4/07 11:24  

  • Very cool post and cooler pictures.

    Let's see how my journey unfolds. :)

    By Blogger Sohaib, At 12/4/07 12:42  

  • You forgot to mention how clean was the house when you arrived ;):P

    and i remember the first meal you cooked ;) hehehe a very original and delicious omelette with plums or whatever those things you put in it were :D i could see the potential in you from those ancient times ;):P

    Congratulations for a wonderful year! You MADE IT! ;) AWESOME JOB!


    By Anonymous delia, At 13/4/07 03:35  

  • wow. :)

    what a year dude.

    hope ours is as exciting!

    By Blogger Taha Durrani, At 18/4/07 02:53  

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