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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yes, I promised everyone some pictures from Egypt. Yes, I did forget! :)

Well, here you go - I can't quite describe being there, but let me tell you - It was good! The conference just made the whole experience a lot cooler. Barely any of these pictures are from the 'cool sights in cairo', but everyone that knows me also knows I'm about the people, not about the places! ;)

Compare and Contrast - UAE Airport giving away a private jet in a mega raffle, while Cairo airport is sorting through passports manually due to system breakdown.

Me and my 'special' western europeans

Me and my artistic (or pretending to be) eastern europeans

Cairo's got nothing on Karachi - Except Random Wireless Internet on the Streets!

Two of my funnest friends - Nadya and Natalie!

There was a lot of love at conference. And a lot of it was for AIESEC :P

Failed Sexy Poses 101: Me and Monica :)

Being all touristy. Nida, myself and the Irish gals at the Pyramids.

The Egyptian Museum of Ancient History. They didn't allow pictures inside, but oh MY God! There were even mummified ANIMALS!

8 people. 8 countries. And the sun rises behind the Red Sea.

The Afterparties! Oh My Gawd! Some of the craziness shall never be spoken of! (Pakola makes a guest appearance). Salman got evicted by his landlord the day we left!

The Greatest Host. The Man. Salman Suhail.

Hell with the booze, I worship the Pakola! Nida of course has her own indulgences (great gal to travel with, btw!)

Power of One?


  • Those are some good memories :)))

    absolutely happy!!! *hugs*

    By Blogger Nadiyka, At 4/4/07 00:06  

  • Great memories, great captions: particularly sexy poses 101 with Mo.

    I had completely forgotten about the wireless boot of the car. Maybe we can have wireless cars at all pre-conference venues in the future :0

    Well it's sent off - thanks for your help and assistance with it. It's a waiting game now!

    By Blogger Natalie, At 4/4/07 00:13  

  • OMG Im not sure which picture expresses more love and honour for a food item...you and the pakola or Nida and the toblerone!!

    damn good memories though :)

    By Blogger Aine, At 4/4/07 00:13  

  • Ow good memories...that Pakola picture has to be one of my favorites, it was funny enough with the pakola up on a pedestal but the worshiping, well that is just quality :)

    By Blogger Aisling, At 4/4/07 01:37  

  • Hahahaha, lovin' the pics Emad!!!

    By Blogger Carissa )i(, At 4/4/07 18:32  

  • Oh sexy pictures indeed!

    By Blogger Sohaib, At 5/4/07 01:36  

  • :) awesome, sexy pictures!!!
    but 2 of them especially are super dooper cool.... hehehehe and one of these is too good to be true hahahahahaha
    YOU playing the Romanian "nai" (pan-pipe):D

    hahahaha hehehehe :) still laughing ;):P


    By Anonymous delia, At 10/4/07 02:50  

  • No comments.
    In conference nostalgie...

    Checking out all random IPM pics!!!

    hugs hugs

    By Blogger Oksana, At 26/4/07 14:41  

  • hahahahahahaha

    i was doing some random rests on various smaller search engines (part of the job) - searched for my name - and found tHIS!!! hhaha havent seen it before (lets hope my parents arent doing the same thing :P )

    getting kicked out was awesome!

    not to mention - it was a night TOTALLY worth getting kicked out over!!!

    guess what - cairos got me and it WoNT LET GO! (here for an indefinate period of time now :P )

    hope your partying hard and rocking karachi man.

    By Blogger Salman, At 9/5/07 18:06  

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