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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Karachi Express

So in a couple of hours (contingent on the amount delay), I would board the Karachi Express UP to Lahore for my last official visit to the AIESEC chapter there. It's the same chapter that a few people started with me almost 3 yrs ago... Wow, does time fly or what!

It's also going to be the last time that I travel with my brilliant team on this train. This year has been the most intense experience in getting to know Kurt and Joanna, having shared the craziest of situations at the Mansion and the Office with them. In less than two months, Jo packs up her bags and leaves from the country, and I vividly remember the day we picked up this heatstruck european woman from the airport! haha! (More on that later). Kurt of course, being the desi that he is at heart, is more like to stay in Pakistan here on, than even me!

Anyway, the last couple of days have been quite the shakers. They've involved some more clarity on the opportunities that I would be pursuing. With the new reshuffling of things, it hasn't made things any simpler though. AI is out, and for the first time, I'm actually considering a life outside of AIESEC. Funnily, I was watching a couple of vids on YouTube and I realized how I don't quite feel so ready to move ahead. Perhaps I'm institutionalized!

There's also been some madness on other fronts. But I refuse to be a ranting blogger! haha!

While I now sort out my visa issues to travel to the UK for the Cadbury interview at the end of May, workwise, I have never been more focused. Now, with an extra month I have on this job, no excuses for not having a grand finale!

In other news,
  • A close friend's fallen head over heels in love. This man and I were always aversive to the 'L' Work. Bah!
  • The Prestige is an overrated movie.
  • It's started boiling in Karachi.
  • Nadya and I are reassessing our plans for June 1st.
  • Tori and Delia have been in touch (Muah!).
  • Subway now delivers. Sweden still does not have a Subway OR KFC joint. I've promised Jo I will change that one day.
  • I'm planning on going for the June 'May Trip' up North.
  • Salma has not made the biggest mistake of her life.
  • My blood Pakola level is low.
  • I've learnt to pack light.
  • And The world is NOT flat.



  • Emad, Subway always delivered! (Except they'd be 2 hours late and by then the craving for subs would have been satisfied by something else) And why would you want em to deliver when they're literally just down the road?

    Lazy boys.

    By Blogger saba, At 19/4/07 14:52  

  • @saba: It's VERY hot.

    By Blogger eMad, At 19/4/07 15:08  

  • Finland does not have KFC either. Sob. But there is Subway here. Does not deliver though.

    Big boo for Finnish customer service.

    By Blogger Erica Cleofe, At 19/4/07 16:09  

  • Believe everything above mentioned, beside Pakola!

    By Blogger Oksana, At 21/4/07 02:03  

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