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Monday, May 28, 2007

Non-Stick Frying Pans

After having started a Sunday with the realization that the non-stick coating on the frying pans at my house had completed depleted, thereby rendering me incapable of preparing a grand breakfast of pancakes and Canadian maple syrup, I am off to London in a few hours. Next few days should be quite exciting!

A big post due from my end, but will have to wait till I'm back next weekend.


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  • Hey man.
    What will you be doing in London? :)
    Have you made any plans after your MCP term?
    Looking forward to hear what you are up to these days :D

    All the best :*

    By Blogger Disa Skvisa, At 5/6/07 17:54  

  • HI EMADDD...

    Lovely guy. how do you do?
    seem it very interesting journey to London?

    Will go to IC 2007?

    By Blogger Aidy Steveany, At 10/6/07 13:55  

  • Hey there!

    not abt frying pans, but on a whole different note: congrats abt being selected for IC faci!!! We will meet in Turkey! Whoohooo!! How are you? any news abt next years adventures?

    Looking fwd to seeing you in Istanbul, biggest hugs!

    By Anonymous Jorien, At 1/7/07 01:24  

  • We visit your blog and have been awhile, thank you

    By Blogger Té la mà Maria, At 1/7/07 15:53  

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