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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Pursuit for Balance?

Coupla interesting weeks passed by. I guess before I know it, I will be writing a post having finished my term! BrRRr!

Was visiting the Lahore office and also got a chance to go to Muree with my team. We were there only a jiffy but it finally got done so I'm pretty happy about that. Also got to hang with most of my closest buddies from LUMS. Going back to LUMS each time makes me realize that I know lesser and lesser people there. Guess I can only be glad I got such a smooth transition out of college. Also, guess I realize that I am truly about the people and not the places!

Speaking of places, in the last month, I've seen some pretty impressive stuff on the Sindh Road trip and then in Islamabad. Was truly blown away by this some of this stuff.

As morbid as it is, the graveyard at Makli (an hour from Karachi) HAS to be one of THE most fascinating places in this country. With over 1 million tombs, it's the largest and one of the oldest gravesites in the world.

Now, a slightly more modern wonder is the Bombay Bakery in Hyderabad. This place is remarkable. It's potentially the only bakery in the world that has nothing in it's shelves. That's right. Nothing. They only sell cakes. And have only 6 flavors. And they sell them 2 at a time on 3 different timeslots in the day. The queues are enormous. They reall sell like hot cakes! And I must say, besides the funda of it all, the cakes are pretty damn good.

So leaving the famous sites aside, me and my friends got lost on our way to the fort at Bambhore (the fort that is at the place the first muslim conqueror landed), we ended up in some parallel universe :) This place had a very high level of surface water and since it was sea water, there were places that there were sheets of salt all around us. No it's not ice, I tasted it!

I've been to Islamabad quite a bit, but some of the stuff I saw this time was fabulous. Daman-e-Koh (This one point uphill from Islamabad, with an awesome view of the entire city) at night was amazing, but what was truly astonishing was the fact that there were wheelchairs actually available under numerous signs labeled 'Wheel Chair Available!'. That's a big deal. Also saw a real life fox!

The other thing that I saw was the newly built Pakistan Monument. This is a magnificent sight that words cannot describe. It's got everything from marble, to engraved limestone, to famous quotes, to fire, water, lights. If all that wasn't enough, the two things that were phenomenal to see: The crowd there absolutely respected the sight and did not as much as drop a chewing gum wrapper on there! And the second was that along the walls were slabs of clay with handprints from every single individual involved in the making of the monument and their signatures. Hundreds of them! I was truly blown away.

Of course, there's a cherry on the top: A Police station that is sponsored by an adventure park in Muree! :D

Anyway, back to normal life, I continue to despise visas as a general rule as the UK Visa process is becoming unnecessarily problematic. Fingers crossed.

Also trying to find some kind of work-life balance (It's sad I'm finally giving in. I thought it would never get to this!). Now, don't get me wrong, there isn't much 'life' to balance with. But here's what I'm pledging to start with:
  1. Work 9am - 6pm
  2. Sleep latest by 1am
  3. Eat loads
  4. Have breakfast (That's a toughy. Haven't done this in, say, 5 years?)
The first two days haven't been too bad. For those that remember some of my past obsessions should be hopeful I'll live up to this one! :)

My current wallpaper: Spider-Man 3 - Black Costume. Oh with Venom and some insane graphics, I can't wait to see Spidey!


  • :)
    Happy for you!

    By Blogger Oksana, At 9/5/07 13:17  

  • spidey 3 sucks bro...sorry:)

    By Blogger chitgo, At 9/5/07 13:43  

  • @Chitgo! Cannot Be. It CANNOT be! I mean I didn't quite like 1 or 2, but 3 HAS to be good! You have historically been good at movie reviews. For once, I hope you're wrong! :( Bah!

    By Blogger eMad, At 9/5/07 20:35  

  • I loved Spidey 3..!!!
    Though I think it has a little bit lack of focus..but c'mon..IT'S SPIDERMAN...!!!

    with smile,

    By Blogger ali, At 10/5/07 04:46  

  • Spiderman 1 SUCKED all the way...!
    Was half watching it with Asier and expected some great hero-fighting-save-the-world-action stuff, and it turned out to be MOST CHEESY (like YUUUUUUUUUUKIIIIII CHEESY!!!!) romantic bullshit..!

    Though Asier did great job in convincing me that comics are awesome.

    By Blogger Oksana, At 12/5/07 18:29  

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