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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

23 Hours On Jinnah Express

Happy Independence Day, People! Sitting on the brand new 'Jinnah Express' (Quite approriately patriotic) .. I spent my 60th Anniversary with 1100 strangers, waiting as the ride, originally supposed to be 16 hours long went on.. and on.. and on! Then I got a pretty sweet and upbeat text message:

"60 years of being ourselves, standing on our own feet though staggering, on an independent land of ours. 60 majestic years of making history and letting them all know 'We Exist'. There are bad times.. but didn't every nation have them when they were young? We've come far, to go farther. Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak (Happy Independence Day)"

Tough balance of optimism, wouldn't you say?

Also, had a friend send me this article, with Kurt and I standing on the roof in complete independence spirit on top of our roof exactly one year ago! S-weet! (Author says that the source of the pic is unknown!)

Anyway, before other news, here's a question: What do you do when you have 200 rupees and a car without gas?

Answer: You buy a magazine. :)

The other day, being quite broke, I walked randomly into a bookstore and found the latest copy of NGOWorld. Now, I'm not a big fan, but you can imagine that the page below had me lose all common rationale and pick it up! Go AP!!! Definitely worth the mile I had to push the car home! Khee khee!

Other updates:
  • Aatir's party at Gymkhana was a blast! I don't think Farhan thinks so, though, since he left his car keys inside his running car!
  • Barbeque on 'The Roof' Again! Man, I missed this place! (Pics soon!)
Headed to Turkey tomorrow night. Looking forward to a fun summer. Sadly, when I come back to Lahore, after, I realize that most of who I know in the city would have left... Saad and I intend to spend a quiet reflective evening on the banks of the River Ravi contemplating the sadness (while hopefully I'll be thinking - Wow! IC and Jordan was fun! And Yes, The Queen IS as hot as on TV!).


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