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Sunday, August 05, 2007


"A big post due from my end, but will have to wait till I'm back next weekend." - Blogpost dated May 28, 2007

I'm pretty apologetic to everyone that sent me countless number of reminders (Latest one by Amy! *hugs*) but I think the person that's missed the blog most has been me! (Now THAT's an expression that I thought would never emit from me!)

A lot's happened since the last post and to be perfectly honest, I'm not quite sure I will be able to remember and capture everything. Of course, I don't quite want this to be a super-boring post either, so I'm gonna try to be brief. Brief, mind you, I learnt the hard way, isn't one of my strengths!

First things first, what am I up to?
I'm sitting on a desktop PC (yes, it's been a while!) in my parent's room in Lahore (yes, they're now in Lahore) and having spent a day playing monopoly and checking out the new Wii at Saad's place, I'm waiting for a friend's skype call. That's it.

It appears life after an MCP term in AIESEC is exactly how people around me had described it: inactive! For the first couple of weeks after moving out of the Mansion and coming to Lahore, I didn't think I would be able to survive. I felt like every moment I spent reading a random book, 'walling' a random person on facebook, driving around randomly, hanging out with friends for nothing better than a random reason, was a moment that I could have been out there, changing the world! :) Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not smug - but I did feel that in some way, just when I'd gotten quite decent at the job, I was done with it! haha! I guess a lot of people share that feeling!

Speaking of feelings (told you I have a problem with brief!), the last 2 months were marked by a plethora of bittersweet emotions. It really got me as I watched Joanna pack up her room into her lil bagpack, and walked away the very same way she'd come a year ago - this time with a lot more friends. It was at that point that I first got the feeling that I wasn't as cold and deprived of emotion as I'd always been proud of being, and this time around, it was okay! I guess the year fundamentally did change me. (GRR! And I thought I was better than to be transformed in a mere year!) - To your advantage and in the benefit of staying on-track, I'm going to limit the outbreak of teary eyed words to this paragraph!

Important (mostly cool!) stuff happened in this period:
  • The New MC!!! These guys were the bomb. They literally got off their plane/train/sports car, and stormed into the office ! Now, I'm fairly enthusiastic but these fellas made me look like a meditating monk with their zeal! (for pictorial evidence, check out my album on facebook)
  • Interns and internationals all around - I tell you the year's been worth it!
  • I got selected to facilitate at IC 2007 in Turkey! This is HUGE! And it's my 3rd consecutive IC! Tell you that's a big deal when you've only been in AIESEC for 3 years! But I'm reallly looking forward to that experience. Should be kickass to catch up with old friends and work with the awesome team!! Will also get to see the Pak delegation getting it on as full members!
  • Catching up in London - The Cadbury Schweppes Assessment Centre was like a reunion and an insane experience. The CS people were awesome! Totally worth it! And alllll that chocolateeee ! My! Also got a chance to watch Pirates III (NOT worth it!) and hang out with Batool at Trafalgar square.
  • Getting my Turkish Visa within 5 hours - For a Change!
  • Planning vacation with my swiss friend in Jordan! - Will also get to hang a bit with my Pakistani and Ukrainian (Both now claiming to be Jordanians! WallaH!) friends!
  • Going through Visa troubles with Jordan - Good ol times! Except this time around, even the embassy people are clueless about it! Turns out not many Pakis travel to their country. But Oks and Saba have been absolute darlings and they're on top of it!
  • 90% of my friends leaving :(( to the US/UK for Grad School
  • Kirmani Leaving! :(
  • Archer Moving out to the floor below :(
  • A new cell phone (For those going 'FINALLLLY', I still love my old phone VERY much!)
  • FireStarters Handover - My team and I wrapped it up and got discharged - Too many feelings, and it felt right to be moving on. Missed Jo!
  • Being in Islamabad on the not-nice day - I'd been told to stay off the messy parts of town since things were getting tense that day, but hey, I DO consider myself a low-level superhero you know!

Of course, other signifant things happened too. Such as Mehran's 13K jacket, and my car giving me trouble, but I'll save that for another day!

And before my momentum fizzles out, I'm going to wrap up. Always better to burn out than to fade away, they say! But for people that have been reading this space over the months, I guess there's going to be a fundamental change in content. There IS going to be a Little LESS AIESEC in there *pat pat*. But hopefully things will not get too boring as I embark upon a really fun summer ahead followed by starting work somewhere in the world with Cadbury Schweppes (Oh, did I not mention - I got selecteD! :) ).

Heading for the future is just another stage of the AIESEC Experience, and I'm sure as hell it's going to be as engaging, hectic and fun as every other!

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  • EMAD! My sweet friend, cant believe ur finally back blogging instead of facebooking! YES!

    I was going through my own posts from apirl, about my decision to run for Bahrain start up team and there I found your comment...

    Thanks again for all the support and believing in me. I can't wait to see you at IC (as faci!!!) and catch up and talk and hang out!

    oh and: CONGRATS ON your new CS job! Awesome! Please see if you can drop by Bahrain on your way to Jordan (or come to Jordan in November, that's when I will go there :) ) Would love to be in MENA together with you for some days.

    Many Many hugs! see you in Istanbul!

    By Blogger Jorien, At 6/8/07 01:39  

  • It was a nice post after your MCP term, until the very end.. where you (unintentionally) started selling AIESEC all over again! :O

    By Blogger Taha Durrani, At 6/8/07 04:40  

  • only thing i dun understand is how one can get excited about cadburry "chocolate"..
    ...but hey, thats just me, coming from the country with the oldest tradition and best chocolate.. :P

    nice post.

    get your visa sorted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    By Anonymous Pascale, At 6/8/07 19:32  

  • Hey Emad!!! Thanks for your update :D:D Ahhh your holiday sounds just like my holiday! But I still had some things to finish which took a phenomenal amount of time when you don't have everything on hand.

    Hugs, I hope you have a grand time in Turkey!! And tell us when you start with Cadbury Schweppes, we're going into the next stage of the @ XP together :)

    By Blogger Amy, At 7/8/07 06:11  

  • Miss you dude!!!! Can't wait to see you at IC :D

    By Blogger Joanna, At 7/8/07 23:31  

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