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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Science 101

This post is dedicated to the two extremely important people in my life - Scud, my IBM ThinkPad, and My Baby, the Nokia 6610i. Both of them have been with me longer than most relationships and have stood by me through the good, the bad and the ugly. Soon they will be put to rest with a lot of pride. I salute you, my dear gadgets.

So, What does a 'graduated' MCP do after his term?
Well, nothing!

That remains a rather popular response. And I can tell you it wasn't too far from the reality on ground for me. They say that the feeling of having an urge to 'construct' and to 'destroy' are physiologically identical. The chemicals that are released are the same. So while the feeling of constructing a better world remained, while a clear portal for doing so didn't, I ended up channeling them elsewhere. What you see below is a perfectly healthy cell phone with a sick battery. It's my first cell phone and I absolutely adore it. Finding it by accident the other day was extremely pleasure-inducing.
But the battery was all swollen. Looked ready to explode. So I did what any rational individual under these circumstances would do: I took it apart with my trusty Swiss Army Knife (Thanks, Aksh!).

Anyway, so given all of that, it's quite a relief to know that things are becoming action-packed again!

With a week left to me flying to Istanbul, the work is coming in. Helping AI research, design and deliver sessions for an IC is actually going to keep me VERY busy for the next few days. Additionally, I need to finish a book within 4 days that needs to be returned ("Winning" by Jack Welch. Highly Recommended). Also saying farewells to a number of super-close friends this week, while doing the blueprints of my Xmas U.S. trip to see em. Pile onto that bank issues, and car fixing, it feels like pre-national-conference time again..! (Na, that WAS better! :) ).

Stay in the loop. Fun times ahead.


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