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Saturday, September 29, 2007

'Heaps' and Bounds towards the future

I was just going through some previous posts and I realized that I hadn't quite made a current update as yet. Well, to everyone's relief since I am not up to much (pretty evident from the frequent blogging!), this will be quite brief indeed! :)

Having wrapped up with IC and with the vacation in Turkey after, I'm spending a few low profile quiet days with family, in Lahore. It's relaxing on most occasions and the extra sleep and lack of stress is great for the body. In another week, though, I see the mind getting a little annoyed with the inactivity and the body rusty for the same reason, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Next steps will probably be with Cadbury Schweppes, but the exact nature and location pertaining to those remain yet to be decided.

Had an interesting experience today - one that one day every one of my AIESEC friends has/has had to go through - Cleaning out my closet. Well, reorganizing it to be more accurate. The result was a squeaky clean closet and a pile of AIESEC Tshirts - It was more like flipping through pages of a history book, since each has it's unique origin

From the first ever AIESEC Tshirt created in Lahore, designed by my close friend Kirmani and I, to the one made for Pakistan's first IC (in India), and then there's that one from a CC member that IC, the one from my first IPM as MCP elect in the Netherlands, lots of country tshirts exchanged, one from my first national conference as MC, the Swiss Kiss, Sohaib's tshirt from NLC that he gave me for the first recruitment, the Tshirt that was made when AIESEC.net was launched (yes, that's right - the first @.net!), courtesy Dhanur, and so on. Now, they're neatly packed up until I need to give them away at conferences I will attend different roles ahead..

This the part where I try to come up with a wise closing line, but unfortunately don't have one this time! Cheers.



  • Hey,

    Next steps sound interesting, so congratulations... Keep me posted on where/ when! Meanwhile, enjoy the happy-I-can-sleep-in-the-afternoon-life!! Eventually, it also gets over too soon :)


    By Blogger TheDreamingTree, At 9/10/07 17:50  

  • the first aiesec lahore tee was designed by you and ME emad... Kirmani copied our template for the NLC tee shirts! whattay pity!!!

    By Blogger Adeel, At 9/10/07 18:30  

  • @Niharika: Haha! Thanks. Shall surely keep you in the loop!

    @Adeel: My bad! Respect to the tee!

    By Blogger eMad, At 13/10/07 01:15  

  • Well written article.

    By Anonymous Kyra, At 29/10/08 09:01  

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