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Friday, September 28, 2007

The 'Shame!'ful Professionals

A few minutes ago, I witnessed one of the most remarkably disgusting scenes visible, courtesy the Lawyers community of Pakistan.

The scene played out with thousands of lawyers standing outside the Supreme Court of Pakistan, awaiting a crucial decision that was to be delivered by the institution regarding Musharraf’s eligibility to contest for the Presidential Elections next week. The lawyers were in a state of euphoria as they constantly chanted how the Judiciary was now completely independent and any decision it makes will reflect its autonomy.

The same lawyers are now on television in a state of complete mania as they bellow ‘Shame! Shame!’ to the decision of the courts that dismissed all petitions against Musharraf’s contestability, in view of their interpretation of the constitution. They now scream about how they do not accept the decision and that the courts have succumbed to the wishes of the federal government. In the words of the losing lawyer, addressing his supporters, ‘If you’re a man, than you will join me in protest and creation of havoc here on. I say Shame! to the government and its supporters!’

Shame, indeed Sir. Shame on you!

In the mean time, here’s a stark reminder to the weak and incompetent legislature: The Judiciary’s job is to decide what is lawful and what isn’t. It’s the job of the legislature to make the laws. Perhaps you should stop asking the courts to play a legislative role and hold your own selves accountable towards the taxpayer money that pays you and to the trust vested in you by your constituents.



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