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Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's the Lahore-ian Nights...!

The last three days have actually been typically representative of Lahore and its culture for me.

Event 1: Cricket Match at the Gaddafi Stadium

Courtesy proactivity (and tickets) from Sohaib, I decided to brave the heat (Yes, it's October, but the afternoons are still insanely hot) and the fact that I was fasting and running low on water reserves fast, I decided to head for a few hours of Live Cricket at the amazing Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. This place is home to some of the fondest memories I have had over the last few years. It's always a refreshing experience to be there during a nerve-wrecking fast paced international match, so my hopes from my first experience watching a Test Match that was doomed to be a draw was indeed a daring one! (For those that don't know much about cricket, a test match is one where the two teams play cricket for like 8 hours a day for 5 days!!)

However, I was pleasantly surprised since the crowd there, watching a resultless match, were still as enthusiastic as ever! Cheering and Chanting hit a whole new dimension when, bored of the match, the spectators took to cheering for every political figure you see on TV (really, for all of them, in most funny and sarcastic manner!). This was followed by a series of chants for Superman! That's right! Superman! Haha.

Anyway, this turned out to be a special experience as I got to see Inzamam-ul-Haq representating Pakistan for the last time in international cricket. Now, there's no love lost between him and I, but I was taken aback by seeing the experience this man was going through. He had worn the flag of the country for 16 years, had started his career in the same ground, been Captain, had been in the winning team of the 1992 World Cup, lost the record for highest scorer in Pakistani cricket (by 2 runs!) and had been in the center of many controversies. And here he was, saying his final words to his fans, as the song 'Stand up for the Champions' played at the back! Very moving. I remember being completely overwhelmed as I had stood saying my final few words after my term at handover at the venue I had been elected last year, having only done what I was doing for 1 year, so I cannot even begin to imagine what this guy went through! Respect to Inzi!

Event 2: All You Can Eat - KFC

I reckon all of you, sometime of the other, have come across the phrase 'Them Lahoris.. They're all about the food!'

Oh My God! While I am Lahori as hell, I swear to you I got a culture shock seeing them rip apart their Zinger Burgers and pieces of fried chicken as soon as it was time to open to final fast of Ramadan. They showed no mercy to the jugs of Coke and the bowls of Ice cream since they knew it would be an entire year before they got to do something like this. Since words do no justice, please take minute to admire the pictorial evidence, below!

Event 3: Chaand Raat, Lahore Style!

Since I am home for Eid and it's a rare occurrence, I was destined (or doomed, if you might) to be involved in the activity this year. So, what is the activity on the night before Eid? Well, it involved all the women in the city hitting the major shopping districts, purchasing like there was no tomorrow, getting Henna on their hands and devouring dozens of glittery glass bangles! So, what does a poor, straight bloak like me do there? .. He drives them around.

Now, I must say that while I do prefer this to what I was doing last year at this time - preparing for a national conference - but I don't know how all these pretty ladies have the staminas to do what they do! Respect to the very pretty ladies!

Tomorrow's Eid, the Islamic holiday, and it is sure to be a competition of who can stomach more sweets and how successfully one can evade all the family kids that ask for the customary money at Eid.

Man, I love this city, I do! :)

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  • oh man, sounds like fun!. Watching any cricket match live is an awesome experience- much respect to inzi, one of the most endearing cricketers of this generation..he will be missed.

    KFC rules - i think there's nothing better then that zinger chicken, beats Mcdonalds for me anyday:)

    oh and tokyo drift is pure mindless masti with a killer soundtrack, a must watch! (i cant believe i just said that)

    By Blogger chitgo, At 15/10/07 09:23  

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