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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday 'Blues'

Yesterday was a pretty historic moment for me. After about 6 years of driving, I got my first traffic ticket! Sure, I've had a couple of minor accidents and stuff, but never a ticket. Of course, that's not to say that I am an angel on Lahore's roads, but hey, some of us know when to watch out for a cop! ;)

Sadly, though, the ticket wasn't for a regular violation per se, but for speaking on a cell phone while driving. Now, I know that's a rule in most parts of the world, but I was (pleasantly?) surprised to know that the new boys in blue here are doing something to curb this threat to public safety.

And so, like every other time, I see a slow moving cop bike, in order to exhibit my pure confidence of a good driver, I change lanes and overtake him, while discussing matters of the world with a friend over the phone. The next thing I know is the same bike overtaking me and signalling me to pull over. Sirens all over, within 5 seconds there are 5 bikers all around me. For a brief moment seeing two of them ahead of me, one one each side and one behind, I felt quite important, indeed! That was all until the cop in front, who I am sure was grudged cos of the earlier overtaking, proceeds to slam a heavy duty fine on me! Sigh.. But indeed I did feel the presence of mind to take a cell phone picture through my windshield as it happened!

But in all of that, I don't feel pissed, but quite happy to be seeing these guys do their job and do it professionally. Earlier, I remember, if you were pulled over, it would lead to a long conversation with a ponchy old guy at the end of which you knew money would be changing hands, and of course in the direction unpleasant to you. So I'm impressed to be seeing these new young no-nonsense, yet pleasant natured, well trained professionals taking care of this city.

And yea, I reckon I'm going to invest in a bluetooth handfree kit now since catching up with people remains the top way of avoiding the frustation that results from the insane Lahore driving.


  • Hmmmmm..am just surprised that you couldn't charm them away!!! Try fake crying next time :))

    By Blogger Pui, At 31/10/07 10:51  

  • hehehehe it was about time :P

    it's funny that my friend Andreea called me yesterday to tell me she collected 2 points for the same thing, talking on the phone while driving! As she is a charming young lady she didn't get a fine :) Until recently all this would have been easily solved by her father but now it seems that things are on the right track and she couldn't escape not receiving the 2 points. At 15 points in Romania she has to get used to walking :D:P

    it seems that things are improving both in Romania and Pakistan :)



    By Anonymous delia, At 1/11/07 14:24  

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