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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rubik's Cube

As I stumbled upon Andrew's MySpace Page (Intern from the UK, working in Karachi), which is a very highly recommended read (Great Humor and a good source of a foreigner's perspective on day to day Pakistan, especially on recent events), I realized how much I had taken for granted the crazy variety of perspectives in the MC house where I spent a year with people from all over the world. Turns out that outside of that environment, one could very easily live an entire life here within a bubble of friends that think in a fairly similar manner.

Perhaps one of the reasons why it hasn't really hit that hard is because of the frequency with which friends from all over the world stay in touch (thank you facebook, skype, gtalk, msn..). However, on closer inspection, I realized that within the confines of my own house, exist a plethora of different perspectives coming from a multitude of different background experiences from mine - aka family. In a way the experience is very similar to being the only Pakistani is an apartment in Karachi that could give the United Colors of Benetton a run for their money! (Excuse the political incorrectness). Maybe its time to stop feeling out of place and appreciate this kind of diversity!

In other news, the gray hair has a new friend of his kind. I think I should shave my head.


  • You can realize whatever you want, but it wont stop your outside-of-home and virtual diversity exposure, meaning - We wont stop buggin you online!! :)) and thats a promise!

    By Blogger Nadiyka, At 25/10/07 13:21  

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