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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sodium in Water

I feel at a loss of words trying to describe the events that have just taken place in Karachi a couple of hours ago. Thankfully, everyone I know is safe and taking all precautions.

Over 150 people confirmed dead in a series of blasts that took place to target Benazir Bhutto as she was close to concluding her procession. Eye witness mention a vehicular explosion that was meant to create a state of chaos while a suicide bomber dashed to the armored vehicle containing the leadership of the Pakistan Peoples Party, luckily for them being stopped midway by security personnel who lost their lives as the man detonated live on TV. Gruesome images of 9/11 were all that one could think about watching something like that happen, helplessly.

Benazir and Karachi have had a long and dark history. During her tenure as prime minister, in the early 90s, Karachi was declared as one the most unsafe cities in the world with bomb blasts and shootouts were so frequent they didn't even feature on front pages of local news papers anymore. Ironically, she was then supporting the Taliban, who are probably in some way behind the events of today, although one cannot be sure since her enemies are quite a bunch.

Sadly, with her hardhitting remarks about the provincial disparities, allowing the US to operate troops within the boundaries of sovereign Pakistan, her stance on Dr A Q Khan and so on, she hasn't created a very hospitable condition for her to be strolling around the city like that.

I have lived for over a year in Karachi, without as much as even seeing someone carry a firearm besides security personnel. It isn't the Karachi it was 13 years ago. I am very proud to have witnessed the fact that security concerns were a thing of a past, existing only for those who had the images of the 90s haunting their minds still. In many ways I have grown to love that city and cherish the people there.

At a time like this, please excuse my blissful ignorance, but I really am compelled to say that I really don't give two hoots about what her presence does to strengthen democracy in Pakistan, but I would really rather sacrifice that by removing her, for the sake of peace, order, safety, and a Karachi that would remain free from a state of constant fear.

On a final note, I continue to be extremely disappointed with Geo TV's coverage of the gruesome images after the blast. A free media should respect it's viewers. No one considers your 'exclusive' coverage important or even appropriate. Please stop.

To a better tomorrow..

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  • been thinking about you all day :)

    By Blogger Aine, At 19/10/07 03:57  

  • yeah, me too mate. Don't comment much but I keep reading your insights into Pakistan. hope your family are safe.

    By Blogger Westy, At 19/10/07 08:31  

  • to a better tomorrow E. strength and courage from across the border where terrorism continues to strike inexplicably towards the core of our consistent struggle with secularity...

    By Blogger chitgo, At 19/10/07 08:53  

  • Oh, this is terrible! ....but, sadly, we expected something like this to happen.....

    Thinking about Karachi and my friends there ...i wish there was something i could do ...

    my beautiful/peaceful Karachi.......

    thanks for posting all this, it keeps me close to what is happening in Pakistan...

    InshAllah things will get better! Strength!

    Hugs from Romania,

    By Anonymous delia, At 19/10/07 12:06  

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