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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Truth Unfolds.. Marginally..

Interesting pieces of news on the media today. Surely, all that invoke a deep sense of disturbance, yet keep me guessing on the camp I should be rooting for or even believing..

Gujrat Riots - Report Shows Confessions from Government Officials

The famous website Tehelka.com that unmasked internal corruption in the government's ranks a few years ago, has now published a report claiming that the 2002 Gujrat riots that killed hoards of people, was in fact a coordinated genocide, within which elements of the then ruling party BJP were accomplice to.

This event is close to me, not as much on ideological grounds, but because some close friends were deeply affected. I love my Indian friends more than most, and it sickens me to even consider the possibility of any government doing such a thing.

Compelling Question 1: Could it, in fact, have been this way, or is it the current government's stunt to kill competition?
Compelling Question 2: How is it that BBCnews.com failed to make front page space on this today?
Hope: It doesn't lead to further religious fragmentation in India. The country has more muslims in absolute numbers, there there are in Pakistan!

The Karachi Blasts - Playing the Game

There appears to be a pretty big blame game going on in Pakistan as regards the blasts. It appears that political forces are using this horrific event, that has killed more people in an instant - almost 200 - than any single such incident in Pakistan's history, to leverage their own interests. Benazir is blaming three individuals in the government - Chief Minister of Punjab, Head of Intelligence Bureau and the Man that probed the corruption cases against her, as likely suspects. The G-men believe that not only is that a ridiculous accusation, but that Benazir coordinated the events to gain public sympathy and destabilize the government. At a time when Musharraf 'appears' to be trying to consolidate the two parties in an effort to form a coalition government, this brings a major twist to an already complex situation.

Compelling Question 1: Why don't we have a Tehelka.com of our own in Pakistan?
Compelling Question 2: What is the top level game here?
Hope: That neither of these allegations is true. It's inexcusable if either of these parties have shed so much blood of their own people in a fucking political stunt! (Excuse my french..)

Wheeler's view on their 'Sport of Passion'

In lieu of the recent crackdown on these fellows, there was a report on TV today on wheeler's, those kids on their motorbikes speeding around busy roads on one wheel (Wheelies). They talked about how these guys felt it was a sport, that they got a kick out of it, that even two cop cars and 10 cop bikes couldn't catch them, that most lives were lost when cops chased them, so they should (!), and that if they are to be taken off the roads they should legalize and 'coordinate' the sport and let people compete on national and international level.

I had long forgotten the story when en route to college one day three years ago, I witnessed a wheeler slip, hit the car behind him, and flew to the wrong side of the road only to be crushed by a vehicle on the other side.. This reminder was unnecessary.

Compelling Question: Sport or Madness?
Hope: for our roads to be safer.

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  • dude, after all the randomness we tend to discuss in the morning hours, i don't really recognize you anymore in these smart posts :) looking forward to the shopping-for-boring-stuff in lahore. ENJOY getting up early!!! sweet, sweet revenge...

    By Blogger cileia, At 27/10/07 06:18  

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