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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Either You're With Us, or You're in Jail!

Having stooped low enough to hold the nukes hostage in this current situation, in talks with the U.S. over the weekend, El Generale has departed to Saudi Arabia at such a crucial time. An interesting speculation that's come through is that he might be trying to link up with Nawaz Sharif there. Although, I'm skeptical to that happening, I doubt either of them is morally above something of the sort, even with their eventful history!

In the mean time, there is an estimated 25,000 people in prisons around the country including students, lawyers, politicians and civil society workers. 'Free' and 'Fair' Elections ahead, people!

On the students movement front, several LUMS students did a flash protest in Lahore today. College is on a quarter break so activities such as these will probably mark the developments of the next few weeks. In some unfortunate news though, students of Bahria University (a Navy owned university in Islamabad) have been threatened with expulsion, cancellation of degrees, and even legal action, should they participate in any protests on or OFF campus, in any manner (including wearing black armbands!). Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh Mush?

Speaking of him, Musharraf's Supreme Court, today has dismissed 5 of the 6 petitions against his Presidency. Surprise! Surprise!

"No one can support a dictatorship, without being a direct beneficiary of it..." - Minto

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  • i think hes grabbing at straws now, he cant even maintain decent logic in his arguments anymore.

    the beginning of the end?

    By Anonymous chirand, At 20/11/07 10:41  

  • Good stuff Emad!! some very valid points in your posts but be careful with the mud slinging mate. :)

    By Blogger ~oMaRoOnIE~, At 28/11/07 20:14  

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