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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On Gratitude..

We accept it always, and in all places, most noble Felix, with all thankfulness.
- Acts 24.3

So, the much anticipated day has come at last. General Musharraf is now Mr Musharraf. Most people around are in a festive mood talking about how memorable a moment in time we're witnessing!

... But hold on a second, will ya?

What's really going on here? Well, besides the fact that a number of emotional mothers watched the handover ceremony today and turned to their sons with the hope that they would one day join the Army - the savior of the country. I must say I'm remarkably impressed with how forgiving this nation is! I mean, surely there's no higher level of tolerance that can be exhibited, beyond forgetting what has been happening in the country in recent time.

But alas, I know this feeling: It's identical to when you're walking down a dark alley, and someone pounces at you out of nowhere and sticks a gun into your face, takes away all your possessions.. including your cell phone, wallet, even the clothes that keep you warm, and then he starts to run.. You watch him go.. without hope. And SPONTANEOUSLY, he turns around, and puts your SIM Card on the sill of a window nearby and disappears into the night. Man, wouldn't you TRULY be grateful to him at that point? You might even think, 'oh what a great moral guy..'! I know I would!

This situation certainly isn't too far from our robber, except he is/was a General and you were walking in broad daylight, in addition to your possessions he also took your rights and freedoms, yes there was a gun involved, and he probably bruised you and held you captive for a bit too, and then just when you'd lost all hope he turns around, and strips out of his Khakhi Uniform and streaks away! And no he doesn't disappear into the night..

In an emotional speech that followed the ceremony on his last guard of honor, Mr Musharraf commended the armed forces saying that they will always work towards the constant 'Tarraqi' (Development) of Pakistan. How noble! Except, last I checked the Armed forces were supposed to defend the country, not work towards its development..! But I'm further grateful now that I have been told better!

Following that, the stock market had another great day, as rumors surfaced about the 'state of Emergency' being removed soon. Hmm.. again, I was under the impression that this state of emergency had something to do with.. well.. how safe we were.. from.. terrorism? I mean sure it just happens to coincide with Mush's election eligibility issues (why even bother, really!) being resolved by baby courts, but really, I do feel safer! I felt it all the way on my jog back home from the gym! I also felt cold though. But I'm grateful for I know that Mr President surely has a cure for the weather too! I mean, especially with it being all so extreme and everything! All the other notorious extremists have been disciplined through the emergency after all.. lawyers, civil society, media, students.. just to name a few REALLY horrific ones.

Following is an excerpt from a recent chat:

i mean at least it is like a good thriller
Paddie: oh yea! with the blood and gore, i'm lovin it! except this time around, we do know who the killer is already!
B'dona: yeah man. that is an important technique.. giving the audience the feeling of being omniscient. adds extra enjoyment and satisfaction.

In the mean while, Nawaz Sharif has come back.. Yet Again. Our loving, grateful, forgetful, forgiving nation now deems HIM the savior. 'Charisma' personified!

At this point, I'm going to use the aid of another analogy - Cricket! :) More specifically, Pakistani Cricket. Those that follow it, know that the only thing that one can predict about this team is the fact that its completely unpredictable. What's also argued is that corruption and match-fixing are residents in the ranking. But without fail, we forget and we forgive when Afridi walks onto the pitch.. and when we turn easy wins into memorable losses! The nation's connected to the team with their hearts and souls! Their hearts are broken and their spirits are dampened! So, rule number 1 to survival in this country is to not take cricket OR politics quite so seriously - for your own benefit! I guess we're learning quickly!

Couple of weeks to National Elections following a 'smooth transition' (giggles!). The military machinery will have complete control over their outcome, especially moreso if they happen in a state of emergency, without much campaigning and in the absence of a judiciary to even be a safety net to any wrongdoing. It's a widely accepted fate here by the majority of the population. The fact that the uniform is now shed isn't going to change any policies. While Imran Khan has publicly torn off the nomination papers, most other parties are likely to not do so.

The underlying agenda for me to continue to wear that black piece of cloth on my arm every day is simple: Restore the Judiciary. Free the people. End the Martial Law. And if possible, give us back our Constitution. No one's buying the crap about how in the interest of the nation the constitution sometimes has to be overlooked. Kinda defeats the very purpose of a constitution, wouldn't you say.

Musharraf isn't scary as President.. Neither is Benny or Sharfu as PM. Cos that too shall pass. What petrifies me is the idea of how this series of events has set a horrifying precedence from which the Judicial system, being a crucial building block for the culture of transparency, a precondition to a healthy democracy might never recover if we don't do something about it right now.

Regardless, Quite the Orchestra. Quite the Maestro.

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  • i LOVE this post!!! and not just because your analogies are SO much better than mine (pakola-marmite-alcohol) and you are so adorably discreet... this is a gem of the pakistani humor and wit i have come to love and a piece of your passion that i truly admire. TOTALLY worth the sleepless night. only problem - i am more awake than ever. and i blame you!

    By Blogger cj, At 29/11/07 01:36  

  • Dude .. I love your blog. Especially this post, and the analogies :) Great perspective, brilliant writing.

    By Blogger Dhanur, At 29/11/07 08:06  

  • Emaaad, thanks again for keeping us updated!
    i really enjoy reading your perspective on the events!
    Indeed this is a brilliant post, i also love the comparisons ;)

    Keep on writing and fighting for what you believe in!



    By Anonymous delia, At 29/11/07 12:35  

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