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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some further impressions..

With the official shutting down of uplinks of GEO TV and ARY (airing from Dubai), the government has finally stabbed the heart of free speech with a poisonous dagger. I wish my other home country had more of a conscience in this matter.. Where will this lead?

Word also has it that given the increasing number of women on the streets, the police force is finding itself at shortage of female police personnel to handle them! It appears that there will soon be ads (clearly not on GEO, though) for large amounts of vacancies for that professions.

In this video below, the commentary is in Urdu, but you can see the police is manhandling a number of people. In the second half, you can see Imran Khan's sisters reportedly being pushed around by cops. What eh!

I find that I am close to seeing an entire segment of society (including myself) see the situation now crossing a certain threshold of patience on numerous counts. It might be time to do something more.. But what?

Pleasantly surprised by a decent number of events taking place at the FAST University in Lahore on their blog. I was particularly amused by a recent 'funeral ceremony of the Constitution'. Creative stuff.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, Negroponte (Reminds of a Necromancer!), was in town too, and it was funny how U.S. intervention is seen is a commonly acceptable everyday thing around here! Newspapers talked about him doing his official duties including calls to Benny! Sigh..

At this very instance, I really do want to be on the streets, but I truly truly wish it wasn't due to the sad state of the governing bodies of my own country, but for something like Climate Change Awareness - a threat to our very survival as a species. (recent report by IPCC)

I find it quite appropriate to reflect on a dear friend's vision for life at this point:

"I wish to sow the seeds for a tree, under whose shadow I may not even live long enough to sit"

That's sustainability for you. To a better tomorrow..

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