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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Tide's Turning, but for Whom?

It was heartening to hear that a large group of students (estimates vary between 4000 and 8000 in number) rallied at the Punjab University today telling the IJT (the group that manhandled Imran Khan) to get the f*** off their campus! I guess some nobility remains yet on those premises.

In more grim news though, 2 young boys in Karachi have been killed becoming the first to die since the de facto martial law was imposed. Also, while a Hunger Strike continues for the 4th straight day during exams at the uni, reports are coming in that some 6-8 students of LUMS have been arrested but confirmation still not received.

Despite calls to the contrary, Musharraf has just selected his 'interim government' (kinda kills the idea of an interim govt that supposed to be the independent body that acts as caretaker govt and responsible for seeing free and fair elections!) . To no surprise all the people there are close allies of his.

A real funny clip came across today of an interview of Mush with MSNBC. Quoting General Sahib (with reference to Benny): "You guys in the Western media are so easily impressed with a woman in politics! If it's a woman, oooh Very good.. If she speaks English, very Good!.. oh and if she's good looking too, EVEN better!".

HAHAH! I mean sure you have the hots for her but honestly, it must be the last living brain cell in this guy's head that sees an interview with an international correspondent as a way of passing on his affection!

An article in the NYT has issued an interesting (and encouraging) insight. It says that 'they (the U.S. Govt) don't want to encourage another military coup, but they are also beginning to understand that Musharraf has become part of the problem'! Yay to that! Surely if any of this is true, Mushy's days are numbered.

A Glimmer of Hope Appears.

On a slightly more personal note, though, I'm having a lot of difficulty with my 'Apathy' dealing capabilities i.e. how is it that one is supposed to interact with those that are not just passive in their apathy, but rather proactive about it? I am beginning to find the strategy of Ignorance is Bliss rather limiting and found myself very close to lashing out at a guy selling stationery today, as he spoke about how anyone that tries to be 'a hero' (while discussing Imran Khan) surely deserves a good beating! My friend, when the Taleban come and give you a good beating, I too, shall smile! :) [See my problem?]

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