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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just Another New Year's Post?

Let us not drink to the past, but to the future. Cheers !!!

A dear friend of mine dropped in an email which ended with that line. It was something that struck quite a note with me over the last couple of days since the thought of the last year left behind this acrid feeling left, as a direct result of recent events. Most people here are talking about how 2007 was a dark year in terms of the events that occurred. Now, it's not me to be taking such an uber-pessimistic approach to matters, but I guess it bogged me down pretty too.

... And then, things picked up. I got an text message from a super close friend

Ich hoffe du geniesst den ersten tag im neuen jahr

Naturally after a little bit of imagination (and of course the handy German-English dictionary!) I decoded it verbatim

I hope you enjoy the first day of the new year

Having made a vain attempt to reply using my advanced language skills, I got on FB as customary to end any day! I'd been tagged in a video. Woo. Hoo.

Now, adding to the infinite layers of disclaimers I ruthlessly subject you too, I consider myself to be someone that isn't easily swayed emotionally. Play. It was a simple compilation of a number of pictures (with the quintessential AIESEC song 'Time of your life' playing in the background) of a group of people sharing some of the fondest moments of my life.

Don't want to sound like an emotional hag, but this was quite it.

Sure the year's had its downs. I've concluded experiences very dear to me, my country's gone through hell, I've lost relationships of meaning, I've had to make decisions I haven't been entirely satisfied with, and so on.

But it's also been a year I've shared special moments with a lot of special people, I've made new friends for life, and I've gotten in touch with many I hadn't heard from in years, I've had time to reflect and recover, and I've learnt a whole lot about myself and the world I live in.

Yes, the year's illustrated to me that I have limits. But it's also taught me to push those limits further.

So, at this point, I drink to the past as much as I drink to the future! And I drink to all those that I share this life with! Cheers!

PS. Thanks for the emails of concern everyone. Haven't been able to get on blogger over the last few days. Life here has returned to normal, but the political arena still remains tense. Keep y'all posted.

PPS. I'm thinking that with in the spirit of change, the black ribbon's gonna go - in hope for a much brighter future ahead!


  • happy new year Emad. this has been a tumultuous year for Pakistan but with citizens like you- i'm secure that it has a future.
    lets talk soon.

    By Blogger chitgo, At 2/1/08 12:26  

  • happy new year man!

    yea 2007 had its ups and downs. I sure as hell hope we all make better of 2008. We need to!

    hoping to see you down here soon man!

    By Blogger Kurt, At 2/1/08 14:16  

  • Here's to adventures, hope and looking ahead with a smile on our faces. And here's to friendship! Thansk for the updates on the situation there. Thinking of you guys a lot, wishing you all the best! Hugs from Manama!

    By Blogger Jorien, At 5/1/08 05:39  

  • I'm happy something had such an impression on you :)

    and i hope Pakistan will have a better year! InshAllah all the political tension will disappear and InshAllah the people of Pakistan will live a better, more peaceful life!

    and for you, another thing i wish you (that i didn't wish you until now) is to win back all the meaningful relationships you've lost :)


    By Anonymous delia, At 7/1/08 01:08  

  • Thanks all, you guys have been tremendous in the last yr! Here's to lasting friendship forever! :)

    By Blogger Emad, At 7/1/08 04:15  

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