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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Matrimonial Arcana

Two awesome friends of mine, Adeel and Hana got engaged last night!

Now, while I've attended countless numbers of weddings in the last few weeks (since Nov-Dec-Jan is wedding season here - no wonder all the kids are born in Sep-Oct [9months!]), but being a part of something involving two friends this close had a special indescribable charm to it! Besta luck you too! We're all taking notes on successful relationships here! (..And we're all trying to forget how possessive I was about my friends when it all started! -- Ignore the picture, pls, we're just posing! Hana he's all yours! Ok.. maybe not in the broader sense of the word 'All'..! Khee Khee!)

A recent survey states that on average, people fall in love 6 times in their lifetime. Woah! SIX Times?! So, while there are people like Hana and Adeel bringing down the average drastically, I guess this finding says there's still hope for us commoners!

Additionally, another dear friend of mine told me yesterday that a large majority of people in Ukraine entertain the superstition that getting married in a leap year is not lucky. That does make me wonder as to what a belief like that would do to the thriving 'wedding industry' we have down here! Phew!

Get the feeling this yr's gonna be pretty eventful!



  • Ooooo this is so beautiful! BOHAT KHUPSURAT!:) Adeel and Hana look so good together! Please send them my best wishes! They look so beautiful in this picture! Thanks for sharing this great news ;)
    Congratulations Adeel and Hana!!
    i remember when we went to the cinema with them hahaha quite an experience ;)
    P.S. 6 TIMES!!!! thank God, this means there's still hope hahaha :)

    By Anonymous delia, At 7/1/08 00:48  

  • Your message shall be passed on! :)

    By Blogger Emad, At 7/1/08 04:13  

  • my bf for 7 mos. got married in karachi just this dec or jan...i guessed...i dont have any idea when because im the last one to know...we are still in the relationship when he told me that he will go to pakistan because of an emergency,he stayed there for 3 weeks and im really surprised why he was communicating with me less and less, he did not call me for 2 weeks now...then somebody told me that his married, im researching his name and his wife's name from the statistics thats the reason why i came up reading ur article about ur friends being engage/married this month of dec and jan (congratulations!)and i just felt that maybe his really married bec as youve mentioned dec and jan is the wedding season in pakistan and ur friends wear a formal suit which my bf did told me the last time he talked to me on the phone that he was wearing a suit..i asked him why are you wearing a suit? he told me its just a family dinner...which right now i dont believe.... i never heard anything from him until now, thank you for your coloum...but i still need to know if he is really married without asking him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 16/1/08 16:51  

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