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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Tree Falls In A Forest and No One Is Around To Hear It..

Apologies for being a bit of a faineant as regards some recent events. To be honest, part of the reason for the delay can be blamed upon the fact that I was trying to find some manner of adding a form of feeling or emotion to the event, and not just make a newsreel style post. Unfortunately, that process was in vain and having interacted with many Pakistanis over the issue, it appears that I'm just an ordinary citizen in my stance towards this - or the lack thereof.

The blast in Lahore, the first of its kind to tarnish the cultural capital of the country occurred on the Mall Road, a boulevard of government buildings that stand witness to colonial legacy. It's all quite symbolic really. The Empire's main function was revenue extraction and undemocratic rule. 60 years down, while the people in these buildings have a darker skin, their actions remain as malicious.

The blast occurred in the middle of a large platoon of policemen that were awaiting the lawyers' weekly march down the road. Most likely motive: A subliminal warning to the lawyers to desist from continuing their protests. Most low-cost target: Bunch of cops. Now why is it that I find myself surrounded by a lack of sympathy towards those targetted? As friend of mine says, 'The answer's quite simple: While the vast majority of them were mere pawns in the dirty war, its one in which the protagonists are often indistinguishable. '

Police is the most direct physical form of state repression in this country. It's also the easiest one to target. Their own attitude hasn't helped much. Today, most of us see the police, not as guardians of our safety, but those on 'the other side'. Much like their counterparts in the military - the 'defenders of the country'.

Protesters attach placards and stickers against the establishment on a police vehicle.

The funny rebuttal that the state is using nowadays is a lame attempt to hide their incompetency as regards security lapses: 'It was a suicide bomber. You know.. We can't do much about such things..'. (Initial reports from site were that the bomb had been planted under a police van!) Most of us have seized to have even an iota of confidence in what the government tells us now.

And what's with those reports about 'X number of suicide bombers have entered city X'. Umm.. Hello? Who's giving you this info? Why didn't you catch them when you'd been tracking their entrance into the city! And what does 'the security forces in the country have been put on high alert after the blast' even mean? Were they on low alert since things have been all so peaceful lately? Surely they mustn't be too motivated after the way they're being targeted. Alert, probably not! Afraid, I would suppose so!

It appears that mass movement on the street is not in the making. Perhaps prompt elections are the only (albeit suboptimal) way forward. Our choice pool constitutes a college freshman, his corrupt father that's made it to the top-5 richest people in the country at our expense, an indecisive moron with a history of U-turns, and a criminal that thinks the province is his personal property.. and his son famous only for the fights over gals that he settled outside his college using daddy's guards! But it's still our choice to make, eh!

This too shall pass.

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