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Monday, January 07, 2008

Wearing A Pair of Bifocals

How do the views of two foreigners compare?

One, a political analyst for the The Economist, able to command the audience of hundreds of thousands, through a sensational cover story. The Other, a young Australian, exploring the country on foot.

He writes...

"Nothing else has worked. it is time for the world's most dangerous place to try democracy.."

He writes (Pics he's uploaded paint a slightly different picture from the one above a bit)..

"...seeing this country described as a "failed state" and a "pre-9/11 Afghanistan". All the while, my head is screaming from the negativity I see. I have tried to write how the Pakistan seen in the media is not accurate..."

What IS accurate? What are we dealing with here?



  • my dear, no offense, but you comparing these two views is just as sensational as the cover page of said economist. what we are dealing with here is a country where numerous parallel realities exist, and they are, as the word suggests, ALL real. it is useless weighing one against the other, and as much as i like to tend towards jeremy's view, there are enough facts, bloodshed, instability and completely random governmental action to support a much, much more negative view. rather than rejecting western media we should be doing everything to ensure they have no reason to write such things. because right now, i can't blame them.

    By Blogger cj, At 7/1/08 15:46  

  • @CJ: Hey, oh no don't get my wrong at all. My objective with the most was to merely observe a large range of opinion. Wasn't implying anything beyond the fact that non-pakistanis view it so differently - hence the impression of a bifocal lens.

    No doubt there are reasons behind both views. In fact the Economist article is very well written btw, do take a look when you can.

    But you have to acknowledge the fact that this is exactly what it is: parallel realities coexisting with each other.

    By Blogger Emad, At 7/1/08 15:58  

  • Friends, in the morning I was watching at the television a newscast talking about another attempt in Lahore. The point here in Italy is that we don't know anything about the real situation in Pakistan and the media is communicating us just what they want. I now that there's crysis there, but i don't know what is exactly happening and what are the solutions that the Pakistan governament are moving into actions to resolve the chaos. in the end, the people that really suffer, are the citizens and I really hope that this situation will finish very soon. My heart is with you.

    By Blogger Cisco, At 10/1/08 14:29  

  • Thanks Cisco! Will make an update on the latest soon.

    By Blogger Emad, At 11/1/08 16:19  

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