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Friday, February 15, 2008

7 Days to V-day!

Today is Valentine's Day. Lahore's colored in the good shade of red. Heart-shaped candy, roses, romantic music, balloons… it's all in the air. In Pakistan, this is a very recent phenomenon and while a lot of people from my parent's generation view it as a disgusting export from the West, I can’t help appreciate the mood. With 4 days to Elections, I love seeing people indulging in the finer things in life. Café’s and restaurants full of young people, many hiding from their parents to meet their special someone. I actually got stuck in ‘V-Day traffic’ today! Insane number of cars occupied by lovey dovey couples with visible balloons in the backseat, cramming up all the food joints on my way to LUMS..!

For anyone that might take this post as one of those hopeless romantic reflections blog, please be at ease. Be at ease also, if you are in no mood of reading a politically charged blog. That too shall come soon, but not today. No V-days and E-day's, the theme of today is B-day #23.

One of the things I have always taken pride in is how different and utterly exciting each one of my bdays has ended up being, in spite of (or perhaps as a result of) the fact that I'm not so big on celebrations. So as a friend of mine was sweet enough to remind me, 'In summary, every budday you have different experiences, a different surprise, a different age, but the loop invariant that matters most is that every year you have the same friends wishing you'. And if there is any reason for me to celebrate it's that.

But this year really does take the cake in so many ways. While the day itself was celebration of a very different kind, most of what made this year extremely special occurred the weekend before and the weekend after the actual date. So, let's take this in chronological order.

Feb 3: I'm sitting at a friend's place, watching an incredible comedy featuring a superb ventriloquist, chillin’ with a bunch of very cool people, and I see one of my friends walk in with a stack of plates and a cake.. Bursting with random energy I exclaim: 'Hey! Whose Bday? Let's celebrateeeee!'. They turn to me. Awkward moment of absolute silence...

‘SurprAAAAAAAIIIseee'! Gahahahah! Well done, gentlemen, Well Done! You guysssssss!!! :)

Feb 7: I'm on a train to Karachi. This 16 hour trip will of course be 24 hours long. It is. But it's probably my last trip on a Pakistan train.

It's good closure for this experience that's been an integral part of the last two years and has been the venue of much randomness, productive creativity and bonding! I'm usually quite grumpy when I travel alone, but this time, I decide to retire my 'look-at-me-and-I'll-bite-your-head-off look' and substitute it with a pleasant smile.

It's an okay ride (except for the ridiculous cold, reminding me of my first train trip in this part of the world). Someone makes a comment about the book I'm reading and how it's delightful to see someone indulging in literature. Huh?! (Believe it or not, reading isn't the medium of choice when it comes to long travels. Browsing through annoying cell phone ringtones is!). I look forward to a weekend marking return to AIESEC, to work in general and to a break from the break at home. I’m feeling quite special with all the b’day phone calls from around the world (and for the singing!) and am secretly admiring my facebook b’day wall exploding!

Feb 10: Am at a wonderful hut with an equally wonderful bunch of people from all over the world. It’s a gorgeous day to be at the beach.

The right amount of indulgences, and many different kinds of friends around. Last night proved to be quite a ride featuring my first meeting with the MC as an SG member, followed be Poker Night!!

3 Generations of AIESEC Pakistan MCPs

Highlights include getting to know my grandson in AIESEC and hearing about all the exciting stuff AIESEC in Pakistan’s been up to! I’m standing next to a bonfire, fantasizing those marshmallows roasting and thinking to myself that the day cannot possibly get better…! ‘SurprAAAAAisSEEE!’…! (and some bday chants I best not write on a public space)! Cake n candles and the works, I’m truly blown away!

This officially sealed the deal! I’m still all smiles!


  • i can feel you 'bursting with random energy'... hehe. miss it a bit.

    By Blogger cj, At 16/2/08 02:28  

  • Hey Emad,

    Belated Happy Birthday!
    I know that this comes a bit late but a person is really special if his birthday is celebrated and remembered even days after it actually is :)


    By Blogger shubhangi, At 22/2/08 21:38  

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