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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back to the Future

I remember when I first picked up a copy of 'Back to the Future' many a decades ago, it was a concept that completely escaped me. How could one go back to the future?

Anyway, so over the last couple of weeks, I'd been thinking about a massive blog that would be a deep insight into my own past - a summary of events that have significantly shaped the person that I became. I hoped that the exercise would also help in reflection of sorts and would be a pleasant trip down memory lane. I was further inspired by reflections from a friend.

So, equipped with my camera and scanner, I proceeded to empty out my locked drawers and sat in the middle of a pile of stuff consisting of small item - handwritten notes, photographs, a badge, a metal spring, random papers, a black box.. - each narrating a small part of..well, me!

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with the volume of intense memories and the realization dawned upon me that this was simply too large a project to be undertaking! I am going to have to re-focus and return.

I guess that completes a rather interesting day that included a surprise b'day bash that absolutely rocked! (hehe! since it wasn't my bday, I was naturally surprised! but I love these guys!), a broken car (t's becoming quite a norm now) and a reminder about how tiny this world is!

Parting thought: Aitezaz is back in detention. The law in this country is a joke!


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