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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Murphy, Murphy, He's Our Man!

The control freak in me learnt an invaluable lesson today - the hard way: When Uncle Murphy is out and about, thou shalt wrap yourself up into a quilt and sleep the day off.

Allow me to elaborate on one of the yuckiest days ever in some details:
11:00 - Wake up (It's a national holiday, yay! Not that it matter to me nowadays. Oh wait, I will be in solidarity with Kashmir today)
12:00 - Fight with parents needlessly.

(So far the day goes by as usual!)

1:00 - Decide to get my dinky (previously 'car') a wash
1:10 - Realize that dinky doesn't want to start today. Kick it. It starts.
1:30 - No service station would do it. It appears everyone in the city's picked today for a carwash!
1:50 - Get back home determined to clean her up myself.
1:55 - Begin search for vacuum cleaner
2:23 - Find vacuum cleaner buried deep in the storage room (God bless marble flooring)
2:35 - While trying to extract vacuum cleaner, end up pulling too hard and ensuring that a mountain of (very heavy!) boxes collapse on me like a house of cards.
2:50 - Still under the boxes, I have a feeling today's one of those days. Nonsense!
2:53 - Free again, I pull the vacuum cleaner down to the car. Break its suction rod in the mean while. Bah, who needs it anyway!
2:59 - After finding kilometers worth of extension cables, the vacuum is ON! Hurray! Murphy's got nothin' on me!
3:00 - Blackout. F***.
3:09 - Find an old brush to substitute the vacuum. Brush ends up dirtying the car further.
3:10 - Start washing. No water.
3:12 - Find a creative solution to reroute water from neighbours water tank to my car! MwAha!
3:22 - While applyin soap over a tyre, I see it's punctured. Argh! With soap all over the place, I drive her off to a tyre fixing place.
3:51 - Fight with tyre guy! He made me an offer for my car! And the price he offered, was an insult! Come back home. Resume Washing.
3:58 - Still washing.

4:00 - Electricity's back! Oh wait. I'm all wet and the vacuum's old as shit. Get electrocuted.

4:11 - Still washing.

4:15 - Fight with parents again since I'm grumpy and no I don't want lunch.

4:38 - Come back into house.. Cold, wet, incredibly hungry.

4:50 - Eat. Change. Head for gym. A work out ought to change the course of the day.

4:51 - Shit! The tyre's still flat. It's cool.. I was gonna jog anyway.

5:28 - Reach gym. Gym's closed. Public holiday, you moron!

5:50 - Get back home. Get into a hot shower.

5:58 - Nothing makes me happier than a nice loongg hot shower.. Mmmm!
6:00 - Blackout. Shower's gonna have to be cut short!
6:45 - Call a friend I was supposed to see. Plan's off. No surprises.
6:46 - Call another friend I haven't hung with for a bit. Today will be the day! Murphy doesn't work after office hours, right? Plan's confirmed.
7:20 - Get a frantic call from a friend studying at Yale, that he needs help with economics homework! Wtf, if I have to help you, why are YOU at Yale?!
8:35 - Finish helping him. Email to check up status of my work permit. Need a new life.
8:37 - Pulling my hair out as I get a quick response saying that it's stuck somewhere cos of further information needed from the company. Email company.
8:40 - Another quick response. It'll be sorted, but this just cost me 2-3 more weeks!!! B*** C***! This means I'm stuck here jobless and won't even make it to the conference I so wanted to chair in Europe.
8:50 - Quick dinner.
9:03 - Running down the stares! Looking forward to a drive in the sparkling clean car.
9:03(and a half) - Correction: Sparkling clean car with a flat tyre.
9:15 - Change tyre. Head out.
9:32 - Reconcile with tyre guy. Pay him a fortune. Secretly wish I'd sold him the car.
9:40 - Nice casual drive. Ah!
9:50 - Get pulled over by traffic cop. Apparently one of my headlights isn't working.
9:58 - Negotiate my way out of it! :) Now he just wants to see my driver's license and I'm off!
9:59 - Where's my driver's license? Oh yes, in my wallet. Where's my wallet? I do not know.
10:20 - Negotiate my way out of it. Wait, 'beg' would be a more appropriate verb.
10:35 - Get to college where I need to pick up the friend. Call her. No answer.
10:38 - Call her again. She's in bed and ill.
10:52 - Make this post, praying that I can just get back home without event and that tomorrow would be a better day..
(This post will probably get corrupted while publishing and I will have to redo it all)


  • hahahahahahahhahahahaha. your life is uberawesome.


    By Blogger saba, At 5/2/08 23:44  

  • And I thought I had a "good" day!!!
    Good to see you still have your humour:)

    Btw, where will you end up in Europe?
    And you better tell, you know I have connections everywhere!!!


    PS: Seriously, do tell about your plans..I have no idea!..I will be staying in Belgium for, I guess, at least the following 6 months..

    By Blogger Nico(leta), At 6/2/08 01:25  

  • hahahahahhaah
    no words :)))

    By Blogger Nadiyka, At 6/2/08 02:32  

  • Good lord Emad.. and you tell me that you come to my blog on 'such days'! Last time I came by it was riots after Benazir's death, before that Musharraf doing things that Musharraf normally does...

    One bad dream... lol :) I'm doing great though.. enjoying life as a journo.. get to travel, get to meet people and get to learn a lot every day.. what's not to like? :)

    By Blogger Pierre, At 6/2/08 14:40  

  • @Nico: Commenting reply on your blog

    @Pierre: Ditto.

    By Blogger Emad, At 6/2/08 20:21  

  • hahaha.. now i feel my day wasn't so bad afterall :)

    By Blogger Pui, At 7/2/08 06:37  

  • hahahahahhahahahahaha :)

    you control freak need to relax and learn that you can’t control everything :) and that’s the beauty of life hahaha

    oooh i had so much fun reading this post....now u will appreciate more the good days :))

    just a few examples of how you can look at the good side of it all:

    1) be happy you woke up only at 11 am!!!!:)

    2) “boxes collapse on me like a house of cards”- you were not hurt, were you?

    3) “help friend with economics homework”- you are smart enough to help him

    5) “just cost me 2-3 more weeks”- you were accepted by CS ;) (and plus there will be other conferences too, don’t worry)

    gym?? you are going to the gym hahaha

    i’m very happy that you kept the good sense of humour! and yeah...very cool pictures ;)

    Take care and enjoy every minute,


    P.S. ready! now you can write the next post ;) :)

    By Anonymous Delia, At 14/2/08 18:13  

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