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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Tables Turn

Major upsets are being faced by the ruling party. The chairman of the Q-league, Ch Shujaat Hussain has lost in his hometown and so has a leading minister Sh Rasheed. It's looking like the entire cabinet isn't even getting their own seats! Speaks volumes for people's reaction to their performance.

PPP is now leading nationally overall, with PML-N trailing closely. The liberal moderates ANP is winning in the Northern Province, which is a ray of hope against extremism. Still lots of results to go, but a trend is forming. So far, PML-Q (ruling party) has only 1 secured National Assembly seat.

Feeling optimistic about the way things are shaping up and thankful to a largely peaceful day. Special mention goes out to the media for leading an awareness campaign and policing the elections so far.



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