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Saturday, February 23, 2008

YouTube Blocked!

I was trying to blog a vid and was surprised to notice that youtube wasn't accessible.

YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan!!! The reasons being given are ranging from culturally inappropriate content to blasphemous material. This could be permanent or temporary. A year ago, Blogger was also blocked..

Most people are speculating that in case the government has actually blocked it and it isn't some weird technical fault, the actual reasons are not the Dutch MP's comments on the cartoon issue, but the recently uploaded videos of MQM rigging the elections on polling day!

If that is the case, this is blatant abuse of our rights, you b******s! What you gonna block next.. Google?



  • Hey this really sucks...

    By Blogger pedroadrian, At 23/2/08 03:49  

  • unbelievable!!! i feel deprived! i had no idea...

    By Blogger cj, At 23/2/08 10:24  

  • welcome to the magical world of"

    By Blogger Westy, At 24/2/08 08:05  

  • Told ya we're alike ;)
    Though its slightly different case, but last time we had to wait around 3-4 months (if not more) for them to unblock it... not only youtube but also veoh & dailymotion.

    and yeh.. proxy.org is your new hero :)

    By Blogger Pui, At 25/2/08 08:30  

  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7262071.stm

    Hilarious that Pakistan's blocking actually resulted in 2 hours of downtime at YouTube across the world! Woah!

    By Blogger Emad, At 25/2/08 15:32  

  • There are many ways which people use to open blocked sites and i also know few of them but the best way which i use to access these blocked sites very easily for example if you want to access YouTube at school than.access youtube at school

    By Blogger David Warner, At 5/4/13 18:38  

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