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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Island of Peace

A bunch of large explosions occurred in my city today. The first at the Federal Investigation Agency's building and the other in an upscale residential area as an ad agency.

Lahore, being the cultural capital of the country, had till a few weeks ago remained free of such violence. It's a city full of life, art and history. Today the people here are in shock. But they are out there protesting in anger as opposed to being scared.

After the London Bombing, Tony Blair had said that even if you put a security guard at every corner of the city, you would still be unable to prevent such horrific acts. The problem is too deep rooted. Regardless, the intelligentsia is clearly failing to provide any insight. And I will spare you the psychoanalysis of those demented individuals that are engaged in this. I think the media is doing a good enough job doing this. I'll also spare the analysis of all the different theories about the people behind this and their motives.

All I'm going to say is that I am uncontrollably furious. There isn't a single thing in the world that can justify this. No religious or political cause.. no incentive.. no paradigm can POSSIBLY justify this. I am truly appalled. Carried a black flag against the tyranny of the government a few months ago.. Don't know what to do this time around..



  • Bro.. The worlds just becoming a bad place to live in.. I hope all your friends and family are safe...
    Be Safe...


    By Blogger Sid.V, At 12/3/08 12:47  

  • Stay safe my dear, my thoughts as always are with you <3

    By Blogger Aine, At 12/3/08 12:59  

  • Thanks guys! :) Means a lot to be getting those msgs!

    By Blogger Emad, At 15/3/08 15:06  

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