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Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday 5ives!

Thanks to a darling friend, I ran across this mindless distraction called 5ives.com. Inspired by it's sheer simplicity and pointlessness, I am gonna try to put together a weekly blog called Friday 5ives myself! In due course, notwithstanding my recent lack of commitment to writing, this column should serve as a decent combination of random musing and insightful confession. Probably more random musing though!

Here goes then - Let us begin with a rather pertinent local issue:

Five Ways to Spend Time in a Blackout
  1. Curse the government, the power company, OPEC, and the neighbors with the noisy generators (In that order)
  2. Play with the pet parrot that you've neglected all day
  3. Set a record score on Sudoku for Mobiles
  4. Fantasize about a future without a national energy crisis and then laugh at how ridiculous you sound
  5. Appreciate the intricate design of the universe while staring at the stars followed by looking at the airplace taking off in a distance inadvertantly spurting out: 'Lucky B******s!'



  • hei cool guy

    Miss you since last time we meet. What rhh ya doin lately. Just a tiny step to finish MCP term here.... fooo... feel anxious.



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