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Friday, June 13, 2008


..That is the sound of my mind blowing up, having completely lost all ability to comprehend the current situation!

A little background:

So I am currently working for a premier investment company in Pakistan. We're part owned by a elite financial institution in Dubai and are responsible for having bagged some of the biggest deals in the country - the group has managed over 50% of all privatization in the country!

My Lahore office is in a posh location and the office building was originally supposed to be a five start hotel built on a traditional theme but that didn't work out for them. So I enjoy the luxury of a high security shiny office, complete with glass walls and wooden flooring.

The office building is a unique architectural marvel in Lahore

A part of the operations over here has to do with brokerage - the trading of shares on the stock exchange. So during market hours, the place is buzzing with investors and brokers. And to facilitate it all, they have a trading floor with nice comfy couches and a large projector screen that displays market trends and an LCD next to it playing business news.

Here's a scene from a lazy friday afternoon, post market closure:

The comfy couches and the projector screen are a winning formula for creation of a theater! There's an Indian movie playing and I am trying my best to not burst out into an amusing laughter. Of course like any responsible person, I instead have decided to shoot this secret vid! :) Footage starts from my cabin and then continues in the form of a virtual tour - sorry about the shaky footage and lack of commentary, but it was supposed to be discretely done! haha.

TGIF, people!



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