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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wall Street Fighters

Over the last few weeks, I was taking a break from status quo and decided to explore opportunities on the Wall Street of Pakistan - The I.I. Chundrigar Road in Karachi (above).

Being in Karachi is always a great experience, but it was especially awesome this time around simply because I really needed the break and I got it without feeling too guilty about it either. Working for a financial sector company, I was putting in some tough hours but there was ALWAYS something to look forward to every evening - from a theatre style arrangement for the Champions League final to concerts by emerging rock bands, this trip was buzzing with activity. (of course some of the more 'fun' parties are inappropriate for public consumption and are hence omitted for the purpose of this public domain! haha!)

One of the most sought after events in Karachi for me is a trip to the beach. I grew up next to the sea in Dubai and sinking my toes in the warm wet sand holds a very special place for me. Unfortunately, when you're in Karachi, going to the beach is not a simple affair.. Unless you want to go to the dangerously polluted beach at Seaview - many of us theorize that very soon that location will become the breeding ground for new lifeforms! A trip to the beach thus involves traveling for 1.5 hours to the more elite huts at French beach. Free from dead turtles and polythene bags, it's where the action is at.

Same City? Polluted seaside (above) and French Beach (below)

Also got a chance to rekindle my network as I met some of the more influential people I know from my association with them during the AIESEC term. I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness to meet me and spend long hours talking about life, the economy, personal and professional career shaping, and everything! Super awesome experience.

Now I'm back in Lahore at least for a few weeks, trying to create some headway in this market, at least for the next few weeks. Let's see!


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