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Friday, August 08, 2008

Theory Time

Chain of events that might be possible in the next few weeks:

1. Musharraf's impeachment begins
2. Musharraf restores judges, NRO potentially gets thrown out
3. Impeachment fails
4. Musharraf used the constitutional clause to dissolve parliament (saying I gave them a chance but they ruined the country)
5. Musharraf resigns taking a moral high ground making (4) look selfless
6. Caretaker government formed. Military plays a role in constituting it.
7. Caretaker government files a petition with the Supreme Court to not have re-elections in 90 days since the political atmosphere does not allow for elections.
8. Caretaker government spends 1-3 years in office, being run behind the curtains by the military.
9. Stability returns
10. Possible chance of assassination attempts on Nawaz/Shahbaz or Nawaz getting back in power as he has a clear victory in this chapter

Word has it that Benazir's son, Bilawal, who is co-Chairman of the PPP has refused to sign a power of attorney to Zardari saying, 'Mama said no!'. Her daughter recently tried to commit suicide and the kids are all against him. Breakup of the PPP is a potential outcome.

Of course certain things such as the Taleban situation, relations with India, etc. still remain in the open..

This I-day, I pray for my country..!



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