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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why Blog Now..

I haven't written in many months. Was looking to reinvent this space in light of a very new and different life I'm leading. Many good things are happening in that life..

I'm drowned in indescribable hate at this moment for coming back and writing about all the things that I wished to never have to discuss.

Today was especially dark.. too close, too personal. I live less than 10 minutes away from the location at which the incident took place: Liberty square - the heart of modern Lahore, a place seldom affected by the chaos that you read about in the papers every day in relation to Pakistan.

There's also a deep sense of embarrassment stemming from the fact that those that were targeted were the one's that came to play cricket in a country everyone else had refused to do so. Cricket is the lifeline of a Pakistani. We don't have a Bollywood or a crazy happening night life, but Cricket is what we live for, every day. Every child in Pakistan grows up dreaming of becoming Imran Khan, and that single moment captured on camera when he lifted the crystal World Cup trophy is by far the most inspiration moment in the country's 62 years of history.

And the events of today have effectively signed the death certificate for the only thing that is a source of passion and hope to a Pakistani.

Further shame and fury stems from the aftermath. As always, everyone, led by the media has begun the process of blaming India, American Drones, India, Tamil Tigers, Taleban, India, Nawaz Sharif and India, the government, ISI, the army, the chimpanzees, the colour blue, and India. Why is the press calling it 'Our Mumbai'? It's not. It's my Lahore - and I'm having a pretty damn rough time dealing with this!

Can we not for once stop absolving ourselves in this convenient manner. We need to be spending every living moment kicking our own behinds for our complacency and apathy. Take some responsibility! And for God's sake, stop asking God for help! Take SOME responsibility!


  • ummm have u noticed in the second video in the crowd... there are paki flags... kashmir flags... and MQM flags.... look carefully they are there infact 2:48-2:51 the big paki flag on the other side is mqm colours and its says mqm on it

    By Blogger Ibad, At 4/3/09 01:18  

  • Bloghopped here.really sorry about the incident dude..I cannot agree more..terming it as "Your Mumbai" is ridiculous.Its a different ball game altogether..I was shocked at the audacity of these men who want to create terror..Undoubtedly the blame game has begun and its very honestly the Goddamn media which hypes situations and puts words in the mouth of people.but to an extent,some of my friends back in Lahore have reacted pretty strangely..either its just that most of them have become immune to this rut or they are simply fed up talking about it..But the feeling of helplessness kills dude..talking about cricket,its indeed the lifeline and rather the only common string that joins most of the countries around the world..Lahore is a beautiful city and I was pretty upset with the way things happened..Sorry to say but I really wonder whats up with Zardari !?!..anyway take care..

    By Blogger Metallica bhakt!, At 4/3/09 03:46  

  • Our Mumbai was called India's 9/11. It's pretty idiotic. I feel sorry that us sub-continent folks have to put up with the worst politicians who have absolutely no stake in getting things in order. Status quo got them to power, so status quo it must remain.

    By Blogger Pierre, At 6/3/09 11:53  

  • you should also write here when good things happen in Pakistan :) like for example what happened this time with the judges and how there was no need for riots and protests anymore ;)

    By Anonymous Delia, At 18/3/09 02:33  

  • Oh so sorry, I didn't think until reading it here how tragic the day was, or how important Imran Khan to Pakistani children.
    I'll try to visit again soon. Though you post infrequently, every one I've read so far has been super. Entertaining. I like you.

    By Blogger t, At 12/9/09 18:49  

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